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Giganticus Plan

This mission established by the Grand High Witch in the novel involves eradicating all of the children in England.

Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse-Maker

This magical mixture created by the Grand High Witch is a part of her mission to eradicate England of its children.

Blue vial

This object is what the narrator goes in seek of when he infiltrates the Grand High Witch's hotel room at the Hotel Magnificent.


This object is used when the narrator's grandmother lowers him to the balcony outside of the Grand High Witch's hotel room.


This item is worn by the Grand High Witch, but not by the other witches in attendance at the Annual Meeting.


These items are worn by all witches in order to disguise themselves as ordinary women.

Blue spit

This is a distinguishing characteristic of all witches, although it is one that can be...

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