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Walter Isaacson
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Isaacson claim to have been America's foreign policy following WWI?

2. Where does Isaacson claim Averell Harriman was when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941?

3. Where does Isaacson claim Averell Harriman and Dean Acheson first met?

4. How does Isaacson report that Averell Harriman's support for the successful presidential candidacy of Franklin Roosevelt was rewarded in 1932?

5. Who does Isaacson report to be the U.S. ambassador to Russia immediately after WWII?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Isaacson report to be a prerequisite for being tapped for Skull and Bones at Yale?

2. Which of the "Six Wise Men" does Isaacson indicate attended Harvard Law School?

3. What were the major declarations of the Atlantic Charter, according to Isaacson?

4. What was the title does Isaacson claims that John McCloy earned during his career in government and as a corporate lawyer?

5. What did Isaacson report regarding a meeting between Averell Harriman and Max Beaverbrook that foretold the change in the balance of power between England and the United States?

6. As the Allied powers began to close in on Germany, what does Isaacson expose to be the main concern of the British and American governments for the post-war era?

7. What were the circumstances through which John McCloy came into contact with Averell Harriman and Robert Lovett after WWI, according to Isaacson?

8. What does Isaacson report that George Kennan believed Marxism offered to Soviet Russian leaders?

9. What military action did Joseph Stalin demand from his British and American allies once the United States entered WWII, according to Isaacson?

10. Who does Isaacson identify as the two men that Secretary of War Henry Stimson called the "Heavenly Twins"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dean Acheson and John McCloy followed different legal careers to become very important influences throughout the presidencies of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Explain how their different legal experiences and connections led to their accessing positions through which they shaped policies from the 1930's throughout the 1970's.

Essay Topic 2

Joseph Stalin is very prominent in the development of American foreign policy regarding the Soviet Union. Was American foreign policy developed with regard to American interests or as reactions to Stalin's personality, demands, and aggression against domestic political enemies and satellite states to the Soviet Union? If you choose the answer that policy regarding Stalin's Soviet Union was made in defense of American interests, support your position with evidence from the book and outside sources. If you consider that foreign policy was made as a reaction to Stalin, support your position with evidence and suggest how the government could have acted more for the benefit of the nation.

Essay Topic 3

Isaacson on several occasions throughout The Wise Men suggests that the "Wise Men" and various leaders in the government were fighting against "isolationist" desires of the general public and various political leaders. What evidence does Isaacson offer to support the idea that "isolationism" was a threat to America's future, and how did the internationalism of the "Wise Men" affect them and the country?

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