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Walter Isaacson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected president in 1952, who does Isaacson state became Secretary of State?
(a) Adlai Stevenson.
(b) John Foster Dulles.
(c) Averell Harriman.
(d) Richard Nixon.

2. Who were two of the "Six Wise Men" that Isaacson reported had withdrawn their support for the war in Vietnam by the summer of 1967?
(a) John McCloy and Robert Lovett.
(b) George Kennan and Charles Bohlen.
(c) Robert Lovett and Averell Harriman.
(d) John McCloy and Dean Acheson.

3. Which two of the "Six Wise Men" does Isaacson report were called to brief the Kennedy Administration on the two crises that faced them?
(a) John McCloy and Charles Bohlen.
(b) Robert Lovett and George Kennan.
(c) Averell Harriman and Dean Acheson.
(d) Charles Bohlen and George Kennan.

4. Isaacson reported that the Soviet Union's actions in East Europe helped the Truman Administration achieve what two political goals?
(a) They helped concentrate power within the presidency and give general support for the foreign policy elite to act without scrutiny.
(b) They helped gain support for the Marshall Plan and for more military spending.
(c) They brought the country to understand the necessity of confronting communism and helped the Administration win support for its budget demands.
(d) They helped to convince the general public that the communists were out for world domination and win trust for the wisdom of his foreign policy advisors.

5. What does Isaacson report that members of the Truman Administration suggested caused the political opposition to the Truman Doctrine to confront Soviet Communism wherever it was asserted?
(a) A "head-in-the-sand" mentality in flyover country over the urgency of turning back international communism.
(b) "A spirit of malaise" that blinded the public to understand America's role as the "indispensable nation."
(c) Economic realists who were able to point out the long-term consequences of taxing labor to support foreign interventions.
(d) Isolationism and a "let Europe go" mood.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Isaacson report to have been the reaction to communist tactics against the Marshall Plan?

2. Why was General MacArthur fired according to Isaacson?

3. Who does Isaacson record to be the first Democrat candidate for president in 1952 after President Truman announced he would not seek re-election?

4. What did the Johnson Administration offer to Vietnamese communists if they pulled back on their invasion of South Vietnam in the summer of 1965, according to Isaacson?

5. What did Gen. MacArthur recommend, according to Isaacson, to stem the flow of Chinese soldiers into North Korea?

Short Essay Questions

1. What scandal does Isaacson report to have come to the Truman Administration's state department in January 1950?

2. What does Isaacson claim to be Stalin's reaction to the Marshall Plan?

3. Why did Truman's most trusted foreign advisers, including Robert Lovett, George Kennan, Chip Bohlen, and Dean Acheson, oppose the formation of a Jewish State in Palestine, according to Isaacson?

4. How did President Truman respond to the North Korean invasion of South Korea on June 24, 1950, according to Isaacson?

5. To what event did President Truman compare the Soviet clampdown on Czechoslavakia in 1948, according to Isaacson?

6. What was the suggestion that Dean Acheson made regarding the future of freedom if Turkey and Greece fell into the influence of Soviet Communism, according to Isaacson?

7. According to Isaacson, what caused President Truman to remove General Douglas MacArthur from his command over the conduct of South Korean forces in the Korean War?

8. Why did the Truman Administration consider making an atomic arms control "covenant" with the Soviet Union, according to Isaacson?

9. What was the focus of George Kennan's "Long Telegram" according to Isaacson?

10. What does Isaacson claim Clark Clifford wrote in a campaign strategy memo regarding the affect of the Soviet clampdown on Czechoslovakia on the reelection chances of President Truman?

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