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Walter Isaacson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Isaacson report eventually came of the idea of a "Western Union" military alliance?
(a) It became the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
(b) It became the United Nations (UN).
(c) It became the European Union (EU).
(d) It became the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

2. What does Isaacson claim to have been the primary purpose of the telegram to President Truman with the warning of Soviet aggression?
(a) To become the basis for a propaganda campaign that helped to condense power within the foreign policy elite.
(b) To give support for more military spending in the battle to confront communism.
(c) To assist military chiefs in Congressional testimony.
(d) To support a greater role for military actions against communist aggression.

3. Who does Issacson report to have written a telegram that claimed fear that war could come, "with dramatic suddenness"?
(a) General Lucius Clay, the Military Governor of Germany.
(b) George Kennan.
(c) Former Secretary of War Henry Stimson.
(d) General Douglas MacArthur.

4. Which of the "Six Wise Men" was chosen by President Johnson to assume authority over all diplomatic efforts to end the war in Vietnam according to Isaacson?
(a) John McCloy.
(b) George Kennan
(c) Dean Acheson.
(d) Averell Harriman.

5. What did Winston Churchill recommend as a solution to the challenge of growing Soviet Power?
(a) Forming NATO .
(b) Economic warfare.
(c) Improving working conditions to prevent labor upheavals.
(d) An Anglo-American alliance.

6. What does Isaacson claim to have become the consensus of the "Wise Men" concerning Vietnam in their advice to President Johnson?
(a) "Our policy of containment will collapse if we fail in Vietnam."
(b) "This has become a quagmire and we need to leave."
(c) "The results in Vietnam will determine the course of the world well into the future."
(d) "There should be no question of making whatever combat force increases were required."

7. What role did Frank Wisner play in Kennan's plans for confronting Soviet expansionism?
(a) He became a European mediator between activists and their targets.
(b) He became a policy director for the Truman Administration in its effort to discover communist subversion activities.
(c) He became the congressional liaison for the Truman Administration informing it of Congress' mood for the international activities to contain communism.
(d) He ran the "Department of Dirty Tricks" within the CIA.

8. How did the U.S. Government consider North Korea's invasion of South Korea, according to Isaacson?
(a) As a warning sign to world war.
(b) As a sign that the age of interventionism was over.
(c) As the beginning of a life or death struggle against international communism.
(d) As a sign that the U.S. had no other choice but to be involved with all the governments of the world to turn back the communist threat.

9. Why was the Johnson Administation's plan to settle the Vietnamese conflict rejected, according to Isaacson?
(a) The Congress rejected it.
(b) The South Vietnamese government rejected it.
(c) The New York Times criticized it.
(d) Middle America feared communist expansion.

10. Why did Dean Acheson believe the U.S. should get involved in the war between North and South Korea, according to Isaacson?
(a) To preserve strategic positions in the Far East.
(b) To save the Western Alliance in Europe.
(c) To prove to Stalin and Mao that all of their imperialistic actions would be confronted.
(d) To preserve the doctrine of containment.

11. Who does Isaacson report to have offered proposals that the United States develop an intelligence-gathering system?
(a) General Hoyt Vandenberg.
(b) George Kennan.
(c) James Forrestal.
(d) Dean Acheson.

12. What office did President-Elect Kennedy offer to the first of the "Six Wise Men" whose counsel he sought?
(a) Ambassador to NATO.
(b) Ambassador to Russia.
(c) Chief of Staff.
(d) Secretary of State.

13. What does Isaacson claim that Averell Harriman and his Wall Street contemporaries believed to be the best guarantee for American security?
(a) The establishment of democratic and representative governments everywhere.
(b) Withdrawing from international affairs and focusing on building up American markets.
(c) Increased defense spending to force the Soviet Union to enter an unsustainable arms race.
(d) Providing financial support to allies that were targets for Soviet expansionism.

14. What does Isaacson suggest to be the result of George Kennan's "Long Telegram"?
(a) It made Kennan persona non grata to his superiors within the State Department.
(b) It caused his old friend, Dean Acheson to advise him to discuss his ideas with him before he put things on paper.
(c) It formulated the containment theory which was embraced by Washington.
(d) It caused a harmful foreign policy debate within the Truman Administration that led to international paralysis.

15. After Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected president in 1952, who does Isaacson state became Secretary of State?
(a) Averell Harriman.
(b) Adlai Stevenson.
(c) Richard Nixon.
(d) John Foster Dulles.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Isaacson detail how the last of the "Six Wise Men" whom President-Elect Kennedy called affected Kennedy's decision for Secretary of State?

2. What area of the world did Averell Harriman try to encourage the Johnson Administration to show more interest according to Isaacson?

3. Who does Isaacson report to have committed the U.S. to active ground war in Korea?

4. What does Isaacson record that Mao claimed to be the source of Chinese soldiers in North Korean combat units?

5. What did the Johnson Administration offer to Vietnamese communists if they pulled back on their invasion of South Vietnam in the summer of 1965, according to Isaacson?

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