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Short Answer Questions

1. What do the travelers try to use for navigation after the wreckage of the storm?

2. What do Brian, Sophie, and Cody plan on calling their raft to sail on the Ohio River?

3. What do the voyagers conclude that the blips they're seeing on their radar are?

4. What does Uncle Dock injure in the wave?

5. What does Cody do after dreaming about Sophie's story about Bompie and his father?

Short Essay Questions

1. What gift does Cody give his father?

2. When the family comes to visit Bompie, how does he react?

3. When the travelers arrive in Ireland, who are they able to reach by phone?

4. What happens to the sails in the heavy wind?

5. What makes it difficult to find Bompie's house in the town of Thorpe?

6. What do Stew and Mo argue about?

7. How does Sophie describe life on the boat in the turbulent water?

8. What do Sophie and Cody do to the sails of the boat, when they finally get them up again?

9. What settles the argument about where Bompie should live?

10. What quotation from Tennyson does Uncle Dock yell out?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare Cody and Brian as characters, and Mo and Stew as similar characters from the previous generation.

1) How are Cody and Mo similar? How are Brian and Stew similar? Is each generation a continuation of the past?

2) Why are Cody and Brian often at odds, just like Mo and Stew? What does this show about the family dynamic?

3) Why does the author choose family members with clear differences to include in the story?

Essay Topic 2

The novel is told from two different point of view, Sophie's and Cody's. Discuss point of view in the novel.

1) How is Sophie's point of view different from Cody's? What does having two points of view add to the story?

2) How would the novel be different if it were told from a neutral point of view, instead of through the characters' journals?

3) Why is the same scene often presented twice, by the two different narrators?

Essay Topic 3

Storytelling has an important role in the novel, through both Bompie and Sophie's storytelling. Discuss storytelling in the novel.

1) Why does Sophie tell Bompie's stories during the journey? What does Sophie add to these stories? Why does she choose certain stories to tell?

2) Why does Bompie share his stories with Sophie in his letters?

3) What is the significance of the "little kid" stories that Sophie tells?

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