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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sophie think Cody is a good teacher?
(a) He teaches them a song to help them learn.
(b) His lesson starts simply and gets more complicated.
(c) He makes funny jokes.
(d) He uses pictures to help teach.

2. What does Uncle Dock plan to teach the others on the journey?
(a) How to fly fish.
(b) How to read the weather.
(c) How to navigate by the stars.
(d) How to read charts.

3. What temperature is it most days, while Sophie and her relatives are working on the boat?
(a) Ninety-five.
(b) Sixty-five.
(c) Seventy-five.
(d) Eighty-five.

4. What does Sophie think of Brian's lecture on points of sail?
(a) He is helpful and informative.
(b) His lecture is too boring.
(c) His explanations are too complicated.
(d) His examples are too simplistic.

5. What question does Brian ask Cody?
(a) Whether Cody thinks they'll make it through the whole journey.
(b) Whether Cody misses home yet.
(c) Whether Cody likes Sophie better than him.
(d) Whether Cody'll let him read his journal.

6. In Sophie's story, what does Bompie's mother give him?
(a) An apple pie.
(b) An empty box.
(c) A whistle.
(d) A book.

7. What warps Sophie's sense of time?
(a) The cloudy skies.
(b) The rhythm of the waves.
(c) Duty watches.
(d) Kitchen duty.

8. How long does Uncle Dock estimate that the whole trip will take?
(a) Fifteen to sixteen weeks.
(b) Three to four weeks.
(c) Six to eight weeks.
(d) Ten to twelve weeks.

9. Aside from Sophie, how many people are going on the sailing trip across the ocean?
(a) Seven.
(b) Eight.
(c) Six.
(d) Five.

10. What does Sophie say when Uncle Stew asks if she's scared?
(a) She says no, but she is lying.
(b) She says no, and she is telling the truth.
(c) She says yes, and she is telling the truth.
(d) She says yes, but she is lying.

11. What does Cody think about all the stops The Wanderer makes?
(a) He thinks Uncle Dock seems to be stalling the main voyage.
(b) He worries that the stops are setting them behind schedule.
(c) He thinks they should stay longer at their destinations.
(d) He thinks the stops are perfect.

12. What does Stew say Claire thought of him and his brothers when she was young?
(a) That they were plain and childish.
(b) That they were idyllic heroes.
(c) That they were snotty and disgusting.
(d) That they were aloof and mysterious.

13. When is the expedition planning to set sail?
(a) The first week in July.
(b) The last week in July.
(c) The first week in June.
(d) The last week in June.

14. How many people can sleep on the boat?
(a) Six.
(b) Eight.
(c) Five.
(d) Seven.

15. How does Sophie feel about climbing all the way up to the bosun's chair?
(a) She doesn't let anyone know how she feels about it.
(b) She is excited to climb up.
(c) She is frightened to climb up.
(d) She is willing to climb up, but doesn't really care.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sophie combat her uncles' objections to her going on the trip?

2. What reason does Uncle Mo give for not helping to clean?

3. What dreamer-like thing does Sophie's father often do?

4. Who writes down all the things that need to be fixed on the boat on a clipboard?

5. What material does the boat-maker Cody, Brian, and Sophie visit mainly work with?

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