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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the tall, lanky woman say is on Wood Island?
(a) Treasure.
(b) Giants.
(c) Ghosts.
(d) Pirates.

2. What color is the sky when The Wanderer arrives at Seal Cove?
(a) Deep blue and black.
(b) Grey and white.
(c) Rose and lavender.
(d) Yellow and orange.

3. Why did some people object to the narrator sailing?
(a) They said she was too inexperienced.
(b) They said she was too clumsy.
(c) They said she was too young.
(d) They said she was too aloof.

4. What insult do Cody and Brian call each other after the baptism celebration?
(a) Knuckleheaded doofus.
(b) No-good no-nothing know-it-all.
(c) Sour pus.
(d) Ignoramus stupid-head.

5. What does Cody discover his father doing below deck?
(a) Punching a pillow.
(b) Hiding something under his mattress.
(c) Crying.
(d) Tearing up a letter.

6. In Sophie's story, why doesn't Bompie get along with the pastor?
(a) Bompie is dating the pastor's daughter and brings her home late.
(b) Bompie always makes a fuss when he is in church.
(c) Bompie messed up the cakes for the local bake sale.
(d) The pastor has a conflict with Bompie's father about a piece of pasture.

7. What does Sophie want to fix on the boat?
(a) The rudder.
(b) The bilge.
(c) The mast.
(d) The sail.

8. What does Uncle Stew call Sophie?
(a) The orphan.
(b) The outsider.
(c) The leftover.
(d) The tag-along.

9. Who or what calls to the narrator at the beginning of the novel?
(a) Her aunt.
(b) The sea.
(c) A friend.
(d) The wind.

10. What does Sophie throw out over the water, after Brian makes a comment about Sophie's mother?
(a) A watch.
(b) A rock.
(c) A shell.
(d) A locket.

11. Why does Sophie think Cody is a good teacher?
(a) His lesson starts simply and gets more complicated.
(b) He uses pictures to help teach.
(c) He makes funny jokes.
(d) He teaches them a song to help them learn.

12. How do Sophie's friends react to her explaining about her relationship with the sea?
(a) They are interested and want to know more.
(b) They are jealous.
(c) They don't understand.
(d) They get very excited and want to learn to sail.

13. How does the narrator describe sailing?
(a) Like riding a wild beast.
(b) Like being inside a painting.
(c) Like flying over the water.
(d) Like floating in nothingness.

14. In Sophie's story, what does Bompie's mother give him?
(a) An empty box.
(b) An apple pie.
(c) A book.
(d) A whistle.

15. Where does Sophie live while working on the boat?
(a) A rented cabin by the docks.
(b) Uncle Mo's apartment.
(c) Uncle Dock's cottage.
(d) Uncle Stew's house.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brian plan to do, after Cody and Sophie get back from Wood Island?

2. What does Cody find and give to Sophie?

3. What type of car does Frank drive?

4. What does Uncle Stew call six to eight foot waves?

5. How many people can sleep on the boat?

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