The Wanderer Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the nightmare the narrator has.

The nightmare that the narrator has is of a wall of black water. It creeps up from behind and towers over the narrator and then, before it covers her, she wakes.

2. What does Sophie's mother do?

Sophie's mother is a weaver. She spins silky cloths.

3. What does Uncle Dock give Sophie's mother, that encourages Sophie's mother to let her daughter go on the trip?

The thing Uncle Dock gives Sophie's mother that encourages Sophie's mother to let her daughter go on the trip is a list of safety provisions on the boat. The boat has a satellite navigator and Global Positioning System, among other safety features.

4. What does Sophie initially plan to do the last day of school?

The last day of school, Sophie plans to rush home and get a backpack and a ride to the bus station. She will take a bus to meet her uncles and cousins to set sail from Connecticut.

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