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The Wanderer

This is Uncle Docks' forty-five foot long, navy and white boat Sophie and her family sail to England to meet Bompie.


This is where Sophie and her family live in a sleepy town.

The Ohio River

This is the only spot of water near where Sophie's family lives.

Grand Manan

This is the fishing town where Frank lives and where the crew stops when they need to make repairs.

Sea Fleas

These tiny organisms live the ocean and eat flesh off bones, and Sophie is terrified that if she were to fall overboard, they would pick her bones clean and no one would know what happened to her body.

Wood Island

Sophie and Cody believe the ghosts freely roam this small island near a fishing town.

Apple Pie

Bompie's mother always used to give him this when he came back from terrifying adventures because she...

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