The Wanderer Character Descriptions

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Sophie - This thirteen-year-old character is self-described as being three-sided, with a dreamy and romantic side, a logical and down-to-earth side, and a hard-headed and impulsive side.

Cody - This dangerously charming character seems to have selective deafness while aboard the ship, and tunes out much of what a parent shouts because the two have a tumultuous relationship.

Brian - This studious, organized, tall, gangly, and stiff-limbed character is obsessed with keeping lists and knowing where everyone is at all times.

Uncle Stew - This detail-oriented and worrying character is tall, thin, and black-haired, and he walks in a clumsy, jerky kind of way.

Uncle Dock - This easygoing and calm character is a carpenter and is in charge of all maintenance and repairs aboard The Wanderer.

Uncle Mo - This sometimes dark, violent character with a deep, bellowing voice is described as chubby and loves to...

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