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Section I - Preparations

• Thirteen-year-old Sophie loves the sea, and against most everyone's advice, is planing to sail to England to visit her grandfather Bompie with uncles Mo, Stew, Dock and cousins Brian and Cody.
• In a small town in Kentucky, near the Ohio River, Sophie anxiously awaits departure on the ocean voyage after the end of the school year.
• Sophie's friends don't understand her desire to go out on the ocean, but her mother gives her a journal, wherein Sophie is chronicling her adventure.
• Sophie's father drives her to Connecticut to start the journey, and for two weeks, she stays with her uncle and cousins fixing up the boat, The Wanderer.
• Uncle Mo seems lazy and critical, while Uncle Stew and Brian are controlling and over-organized.

Section II - Shakedown

• The journey begins with a short trip up the coast to test the boat, and the crew...

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