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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What demands does Francisco make of the king?
(a) All the above
(b) That he make repairs to the Fort
(c) Taht he release prisoners
(d) That he resume the sale of slaves

2. Why was Taparica tortured?
(a) It was believed he knew the secret of buried treasure
(b) It was believed he'd given up secret information to another country
(c) It was believed he knew where escaped slaves were hiding
(d) It was believed that he'd lied about the kind

3. Why did the Portuguese boat stop at Popos?
(a) They wanted to offer Francisco passage to Ouidah
(b) They needed new water kegs
(c) They had been in a storm and needed to repair the sail
(d) They had sick people and were in need of a doctor

4. What is Taparica the Tambour wearing when Francisco arrives?
(a) Brown sandals
(b) A top hat
(c) A loose-fitting dress coat
(d) A ragged Turkish rug

5. What was the first picture Francisco had on the wall facing his bed?
(a) An ocean scene
(b) A scene from Bahia
(c) A still life of fruit
(d) A portrait of Jijibou

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the captives believe is to be their fate as soon as they see the slave ships?

2. Why does Francisco decide to build the house he calls "Simbodji?"

3. What name is given to the military group made up of women?

4. What do the military women do with the feet of their victims?

5. Why does Francisco's son save everything his father writes?

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