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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Dr. Ferraez and his wife live?
(a) In Francisco's house
(b) Above the pharmacy
(c) In a hotel
(d) Above the governor's suite

2. What are the ships named for?
(a) Crops
(b) Birds
(c) Lovely women
(d) Indian tribes

3. What crimes are the first slaves sold from Ouidah accused of having committed?
(a) Being upable to pay their debts
(b) Stealing the king's palm-nuts
(c) Stealing bread
(d) Being lazy

4. What does Dona Luciana wear on a velvet ribbon?
(a) A lock of Francisco's hair
(b) A lock of her dead husband's hair
(c) A locket with her dead husband's photo
(d) A locket with her dead daughter's photo

5. Who is Kankpe?
(a) A court musician
(b) The king's halfbrother
(c) Jijibou's brotehr
(d) A military man

6. What point does Francisco emphasize in his letter to Joaquim?
(a) The loss of his fortune
(b) The current financial situation
(c) His suffering at the hands of the king
(d) The need to help Kankpe's quest to become king

7. What do the military women do with the feet of their victims?
(a) They cut them off and keep them for souvenirs
(b) There's no indication they do anything with the feet
(c) They cut them off and feed them to hyenas
(d) They burn them off

8. What item becomes a symbol of revolt?
(a) Lengths of gold brocade
(b) Scarlet silk material
(c) A green flag
(d) A dolphin

9. What does Francisco smell like when he arrives in Ouidah?
(a) Sweat and excrement
(b) Mangrove and dead fish
(c) Vanilla and tea leaves
(d) Seaweed and spice

10. What is Taparica the Tambour wearing when Francisco arrives?
(a) A top hat
(b) A loose-fitting dress coat
(c) Brown sandals
(d) A ragged Turkish rug

11. It's noted that Jijibou grows into a woman with a shape that resembles what?
(a) A chicken
(b) A child
(c) A horse
(d) A barmaid

12. What is Yovogan wearing when he first encounters Francisco?
(a) Nothing
(b) White muslin
(c) Pink satin
(d) Green brocade

13. Who buries Taparica?
(a) A group of mourners
(b) Jacinto
(c) Francisco
(d) No one, his body is left to rot

14. What is the story Francisco tells his twin daughters that makes them scream?
(a) The story of Christ's crucifixion
(b) The story of an old woman who was eaten by a troll
(c) The story of the goblin with hair for hands
(d) The story of their mother's death

15. What was the main ambition of Jijibou's father?
(a) To become wealthy
(b) To have a white son-in-law
(c) To have his daughter well cared for
(d) To have grandchildren

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the animal that is stuffed in a mockery of the crucifixion?

2. How much time passes before Francisco is named the Viceroy of Ouidah?

3. What is the fate of Francisco's twin daughters?

4. Why does Francisco decide to build the house he calls "Simbodji?"

5. Which is true of Mr. George Lawson's factory?

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