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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does it take Francisco to send forty-five loads of slaves to Bahia?
(a) Two weeks
(b) Two years
(c) Two decades
(d) Two months

2. What is Francisco's answer when asked how many gifts he has?
(a) Something for everyone
(b) Only trinkets for the natives
(c) None
(d) Many

3. What sound does Francisco hear from the home of the doctor's wife that makes him stop to listen?
(a) The pounding of spices
(b) A scream
(c) An argument
(d) A song

4. Which statement is true of Mr. George Lawson?
(a) He is mulatto
(b) He is a hunchback
(c) All the above
(d) he owns a factory in Popos

5. What are the king's sandals made of?
(a) Rope
(b) Gold wire
(c) Peacock feathers
(d) Silver braids

6. What does "Simbodji" mean?
(a) Big House
(b) Big Money
(c) Big Wealth
(d) Big Rock

7. What group seems to be immune from the disease sweeping the region?
(a) No one
(b) The mulattos
(c) The blacks
(d) The whites

8. What does Taparica tell the slaves about their future homes?
(a) That they will be killed if they don't work hard
(b) That the land is filled with milk and honey
(c) That they work is hard but they will be treated well
(d) That everyone dances and cigars grow on trees

9. Which is true of Mr. George Lawson's factory?
(a) It's abandoned and falling down
(b) It's filled with material for making barrels and sails
(c) It's seldom used but goats shelter there
(d) Nothing is known of the factory

10. What name is given to the military group made up of women?
(a) Francisco's Furious Fighters
(b) The Vestial Virgins
(c) The Warring Women of Ouidah
(d) The King's Leopard Wives

11. What is used to make the rosaries that are the prized possession of Yovogan?
(a) Gold nuggets
(b) Human teeth
(c) Jaguar claws
(d) Pearls

12. Who does Francisco call on to care for his twin daughters in Brazil?
(a) Dona Luciana
(b) The Baron Paraiba
(c) No one
(d) Jacinto

13. What do Kankpe and Francisco drink from after forming their blood pact?
(a) A silver bowl
(b) A skull cup
(c) A fine dish
(d) A gourd

14. How many members of the da Silva family die of the disease?
(a) About two dozen
(b) None
(c) Ten
(d) Eighteen

15. What is the toy Eugenia is given after her mother's death?
(a) A wagon
(b) An abacus
(c) A wooden doll
(d) A small train

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Dr. Ferraez and his wife live?

2. Why is Francisco not executed?

3. In what month does the king go to war?

4. What does Francisco see on the after he's wakened from his siesta?

5. What does Dr. Marcos Ferraez always carry with him on his rounds?

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