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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What information does Francisco share with Jacinto?
(a) Only the manufacturing side of the business
(b) Only the trading aspects of the business
(c) Only the finances of the business
(d) Everything, including business secrets

2. In the verse the slaves chant on Francisco's plantation, what do the slaves predict about Francisco's well?
(a) That it will produce tainted water
(b) That it will never run dry
(c) That it will run dry soon
(d) That it will run dry when the slave trade ends

3. What is the animal that is stuffed in a mockery of the crucifixion?
(a) A civet cat
(b) A dog
(c) A mink
(d) A squirrel

4. How are Francisco and Dona Luciana disguised as they try to sneak out of the country?
(a) As a ship's captain and his mistress
(b) As soldiers
(c) As carnival dancers
(d) As a French nobleman and his wife

5. Who does Jacinto's daughter marry?
(a) Isadoro
(b) Francisco
(c) No one
(d) The king

6. What do some believe about the king's bravery?
(a) He is brave when surrounded by his army
(b) He is very brave
(c) He is brave only if pushed
(d) He is never brave

7. What was the main ambition of Jijibou's father?
(a) To have grandchildren
(b) To become wealthy
(c) To have his daughter well cared for
(d) To have a white son-in-law

8. What are the ships named for?
(a) Birds
(b) Indian tribes
(c) Lovely women
(d) Crops

9. Who was the last to fall victim to the disease?
(a) Jacinto
(b) Francisco
(c) The doctor
(d) Isodoro

10. What is the fate of Francisco's twin daughters?
(a) They are sold into prostitution
(b) They die at sea
(c) They live to be old women but never marry
(d) They live to be old, marry and have children of their own

11. Who does Francisco call on to care for his twin daughters in Brazil?
(a) No one
(b) Jacinto
(c) Dona Luciana
(d) The Baron Paraiba

12. What does the author say the walls of Abomy palace are made of?
(a) Blood, sweat and tears
(b) Mortar
(c) Mud and blood
(d) Adobe

13. What is Francisco's answer when asked how many gifts he has?
(a) Only trinkets for the natives
(b) Many
(c) Something for everyone
(d) None

14. What do the king's tax-collectors take from Francisco's home?
(a) Everything
(b) Art and furniture
(c) All the cowrie shells
(d) Everything that contains silver and gold

15. Who buries Taparica?
(a) Francisco
(b) No one, his body is left to rot
(c) A group of mourners
(d) Jacinto

Short Answer Questions

1. How many ships are commissioned by Francisco, either privately or with partners?

2. How many passengers are on board the canoe that takes Francisco to shore?

3. What does Taparica tell the slaves about their future homes?

4. What is the second part of the pardon Francisco eventually receives?

5. What is the souvenir Francisco provides to visiting French dignitaries?

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