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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chpater Five, pages 111-133.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Mama Benz make the trip from the memorial event?
(a) By carriage
(b) By boat
(c) In a Mercedes
(d) By foot

2. What is the occupation of the man with whom Manuelzinho leaves Francisco after his mother's death?
(a) He's a dairy farmer
(b) He's a cattle rancher
(c) He's a ferryman
(d) He's a priest

3. Who wins the game between the professor and Mama Wewe's brother, Antonio?
(a) It's a tie
(b) Antonio
(c) Neither
(d) The professor

4. Where is the woman when she begins to cry?
(a) The cemetery
(b) The opening of the pantry
(c) The belly of the compound
(d) The doorway of the main house

5. What does Herr Raabe want to train Cesario to be?
(a) A ship's mate
(b) A bookkeeper
(c) A radio operator
(d) A trader

Short Answer Questions

1. What color are Mama Wewe's eyes?

2. What does Mama Wewe put in Cesario's hand before he's buried?

3. How old is Francisco during the drought?

4. What happens to end Taparica's torture?

5. What does Manuelzinho say happened to his horse's ear?

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