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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chpater Five, pages 111-133.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What color is Francisco's hair at age fifty?
(a) Gray
(b) Golden
(c) Black
(d) Red

2. How soon after the death of Francisco's father does his mother "take up" with another man?
(a) Within months
(b) Winthin a year
(c) Withing two years
(d) Within weeks

3. What was the reaction of the houseboys upon seeing the reflection of the sun in the glass windows?
(a) They thought the windows were ugly
(b) They thought the house was haunted
(c) They thought the windows needed to be washed
(d) They thought the house was on fire

4. How do members of the family listen to the presidential speech that evening?
(a) On the radio
(b) It's broadcast from vehicles traveling the streets
(c) On the television
(d) They go to the presidential palace

5. What is the fate of the man who tends the family's cattle?
(a) He is taken in by his daughter
(b) He dies of a heart attack
(c) He dies of thirst
(d) He is burned to death during a wildfire

Short Answer Questions

1. What deformity does Manuelzinho have?

2. How many passengers are on board the canoe that takes Francisco to shore?

3. What demands does Francisco make of the king?

4. What scene was depicted on the rattan mat in the bar where Uncle Procopio stopped for a drink?

5. Who is it that asks Francisco what gifts he has?

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