The Uncanny Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Discuss the importance of an individual's childhood according to Freud.

The importance of an individual's childhood is great, according to Freud. He finds the childhood to be the formative and essential period in the development of the adult psyche.

2. How are children's memories different from adult memories?

Children memories are different from adult memories in that they are not a narrative. Until the child is about four years old, he or she only sees projections of images in his or her dreams.

3. Describe what an unconscious mind operates on.

An unconscious mind operates on different kinds of associations and analogies. A scene may be important because of its abstract association with some other important aspect of one's psychology.

4. When do early child memories form, according to Freud?

Early childhood memories form projections. The projections tend to seem random and inconsequential, which caused Freud to search for the importance in a seemingly irrelevant subject.

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