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Object Descriptions

Screen Memories - A screen memory is a memory that seems to be a banal memory from childhood but is really symbolically related to another, more distressing, memory or episode.

Obsessional Neurosis - A category of unwanted anxiety disorders whereby the patients mind is affected by repeated images or impulses which are unwanted and hard to control.

Hysteria - This condition is a neurotic condition that leads the patient to lose control over their emotions either in elation or fear for unknown causes.

Neurosis - This idea, according to Freud, was a psychological disorder that resulted from the repressed conflict between the id and other parts of the psyche, most commonly the super-ego.

Phobia - This condition is a particular kind of disorder that involves the irrational and obsessive fear of something.

Milan - This is an Italian city, the capital of Lombardi today known as a...

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