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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After a week of searching for Rachel, what does Nate realize?
(a) She may have gone on ahead of him to the States.
(b) She may be avoiding him.
(c) She may have died as he almost did with the fever.
(d) She may no longer be in the city.

2. Why can't Nate speak to Rachel the next day?
(a) She is bitten by a poisonous snake and dies.
(b) She sneaks away from the village.
(c) She refused to speak with him.
(d) She has to go to a neighboring village.

3. What thought occurs to Nate?
(a) That Rachel must be have crazy to live in this area.
(b) That Rachel might go with him to New York.
(c) That he might decide to stay in the jungle with Rachel.
(d) That he could die in Pantanal.

4. What does Nate tell Rachel?
(a) That he loves her.
(b) That he will forcibly take her back.
(c) About his past.
(d) That if she doesn't claim her inheritance some very bad people will benefit.

5. What happens when the lawyers cannot dredge up anything on Rachel?
(a) They withdraw their lawsuit.
(b) They are delighted.
(c) They dredge up lots of dirt on Nate.
(d) They are very nervous.

6. What do all the lawyers sign?
(a) Nolo contendre plea.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Paperwork for a loan.
(d) An affadavit hiring Hark.

7. What does Rachel sense about Nate?
(a) He is hypocritical.
(b) He is lonely.
(c) He is still quite addicted to drugs and alcohol.
(d) He lies.

8. How is Nate's condition in this chapter?
(a) About the same as when he arrived at the hospital.
(b) He dies.
(c) Worsening.
(d) Improving daily.

9. What symptoms develop in Nate?
(a) Foaming at the mouth.
(b) Irrational anger.
(c) A high fever, chills, and delirium.
(d) Aching bones.

10. What does Mary Ross decide to do?
(a) Cozen up to Nate.
(b) Withdraw from the legal proceedings altogether.
(c) Kill herself like her father.
(d) Fire her lawyers and join her brothers in their suit.

11. What does Nate know about Snead's testimony?
(a) That it is either manipulated by Gettys or outright fabricated.
(b) That it will be the death knell of Rachel's inheritance.
(c) That it has the ring of truth to it.
(d) That it has many inconsistencies.

12. Where does Nate end up after leaving the hospital?
(a) Under Rachel's care.
(b) On a plane back to the States.
(c) He dies in an alleyway.
(d) Back in the hospital.

13. As they are leaving the village, by what is Nate plagued?
(a) Headache and achy joints.
(b) Irrational fears.
(c) Withdrawal symptoms.
(d) TB.

14. What does the doctor say about Nate's fever returning?
(a) It means a slower recovery.
(b) It means death is imminent.
(c) It is normal.
(d) It means it has gone into hemorrhagic dengue fever.

15. Where is Nate settling in nicely?
(a) In a penthouse in Manhatten.
(b) Montana.
(c) A hideaway in the Adirondacks.
(d) St. Michaels.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who offers his services for a flat fee of five million dollars?

2. Of what does Rex jokingly say his mother would be proud?

3. What does Rachel explain to Nate?

4. What does Hark tell the other lawyers of Troy's family?

5. What does Nate think is the cause of his poor relationships with his family?

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