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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Nate tell Josh?
(a) He is retiring from law.
(b) He is becoming a Christian missionary.
(c) He is moving to South America.
(d) He is ready to re-join the firm.

2. What does Nate believe in his delirium?
(a) That Jesis visits him.
(b) That Rachel visits him.
(c) That Josh is there.
(d) That he is in hell.

3. Besides preaching the gospel, what does Rachel do?
(a) She teaches the women to be feminists.
(b) She practises the tribal religion also so as to gain the trust of the people.
(c) She lives by the gospels.
(d) She teaches the people how to be civilized.

4. What does Nate hope to do with his children?
(a) Make amends and then let them go.
(b) Gain their trust and affection.
(c) He is not sure.
(d) Become a mentor of sorts.

5. Who promises the cooperation of Troy's latest mistress, Nicolette?
(a) Ramble.
(b) Hark.
(c) Josh.
(d) Snead.

6. What does Nate think is the cause of his poor relationships with his family?
(a) His ex-wife.
(b) Incompatibility.
(c) Nate himself.
(d) His demanding children.

7. How is Nate's condition in this chapter?
(a) Worsening.
(b) About the same as when he arrived at the hospital.
(c) Improving daily.
(d) He dies.

8. Where does Rachel live?
(a) In a neighboring village.
(b) With the women of the tribe.
(c) In the chief's old dwelling.
(d) On the outskirts of the village.

9. What does Welly tell Valdir?
(a) That he buried Nate in the jungle because Nate died of a snakebite.
(b) That the Santa Loura had sunk and that Jevy and Nate's exact whereabouts were unknown.
(c) That the Santa Loura has just pulled up to the dock.
(d) That Nate and Jevy are on their way.

10. What does Rachel sense about Nate?
(a) He is still quite addicted to drugs and alcohol.
(b) He is lonely.
(c) He lies.
(d) He is hypocritical.

11. What does Hark tell the other lawyers of Troy's family?
(a) That there are two other illegitimate children wanting money.
(b) That Snead is unwilling to testify.
(c) That Snead is willing to testify on their behalf.
(d) That he thinks they should "throw in the towel."

12. What symptoms develop in Nate?
(a) Foaming at the mouth.
(b) Aching bones.
(c) A high fever, chills, and delirium.
(d) Irrational anger.

13. What does Nate notice about his IV bag?
(a) It has been taken by another patient.
(b) It is empty and has not been refilled.
(c) He does not notice anything about it.
(d) It is moldy.

14. What does Nate offer to do for Rachel?
(a) To pay for any more supplies she might need.
(b) To come get her to go back to the States.
(c) Set up a trust for her.
(d) Represent her.

15. How long has it been since Rachel has entered the Pantanal?
(a) She never has.
(b) 11 years.
(c) 5 years.
(d) 1 year.

Short Answer Questions

1. To where does Nate retreat for time to think?

2. What does Nate tell Rachel?

3. After a week of searching for Rachel, what does Nate realize?

4. What strikes Nate about the Indian village?

5. What thought occurs to Nate?

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