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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the neighboring village chief say about the little girl's death?
(a) That their bush god is punishing the parents.
(b) That these things just happen in life.
(c) He chides the parents for their belief in Christianity.
(d) That it is his fault for allowing her to go into the jungle.

2. Why can't Nate speak to Josh about Rachel?
(a) Nate has died.
(b) Nate is angry and will not talk to Josh.
(c) Nate is on a plane on his way back to the States.
(d) Nate is on too many painkillers.

3. What is Josh doing for Nate?
(a) Recommending him for a partnership.
(b) Cleaning up Nate's obligations so he can retire with dignity.
(c) Giving him a generous percentage of the lawyer fees.
(d) Advising him about investments so he can retire comfortably.

4. Why can't Nate speak to Rachel the next day?
(a) She is bitten by a poisonous snake and dies.
(b) She refused to speak with him.
(c) She sneaks away from the village.
(d) She has to go to a neighboring village.

5. What happens after Nate's fever breaks?
(a) He stays for several more weeks.
(b) He is flown by air ambulance to Houston.
(c) He is discharged.
(d) He dies.

6. What does Rachel sense about Nate?
(a) He is lonely.
(b) He is hypocritical.
(c) He lies.
(d) He is still quite addicted to drugs and alcohol.

7. With what is Rachel content?
(a) Her practise and her radio.
(b) Knowing she can leave if necessary.
(c) Living a simple life among the Indians and God.
(d) Her books and medical practise.

8. What does Nate tell Rachel?
(a) That he loves her.
(b) About his past.
(c) That if she doesn't claim her inheritance some very bad people will benefit.
(d) That he will forcibly take her back.

9. What does Welly tell Valdir?
(a) That he buried Nate in the jungle because Nate died of a snakebite.
(b) That the Santa Loura has just pulled up to the dock.
(c) That Nate and Jevy are on their way.
(d) That the Santa Loura had sunk and that Jevy and Nate's exact whereabouts were unknown.

10. Besides preaching the gospel, what does Rachel do?
(a) She practises the tribal religion also so as to gain the trust of the people.
(b) She teaches the women to be feminists.
(c) She teaches the people how to be civilized.
(d) She lives by the gospels.

11. Who is trying to enlist the aid of other expert witnesses who could refute the testimony of the first panel?
(a) Josh.
(b) Nate.
(c) Rachel.
(d) The family's lawyers.

12. What does Mary Ross decide to do?
(a) Kill herself like her father.
(b) Cozen up to Nate.
(c) Fire her lawyers and join her brothers in their suit.
(d) Withdraw from the legal proceedings altogether.

13. As they are leaving the village, by what is Nate plagued?
(a) TB.
(b) Irrational fears.
(c) Headache and achy joints.
(d) Withdrawal symptoms.

14. What happens when the lawyers cannot dredge up anything on Rachel?
(a) They are very nervous.
(b) They dredge up lots of dirt on Nate.
(c) They withdraw their lawsuit.
(d) They are delighted.

15. What does Nate notice about the paint in the hospital?
(a) It is a lime green.
(b) It is peeling.
(c) It is multicolored.
(d) It is stark white.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nate tell Josh?

2. What does Nate hope to do with his children?

3. What symptoms develop in Nate?

4. What does TJ do?

5. Where is Nate drawn as he wanders the city?

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