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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Nate begin his day at Walnut Hill?
(a) With meditation.
(b) With a ten-mile run.
(c) With a large breakfast.
(d) By going to a 12-step meeting.

2. Who does Nate hire?
(a) A private pilot for an aerial look and a boat guide named Jevy.
(b) A bodyguard.
(c) A secretary.
(d) A native speaker.

3. What does Jevy say that he regrets saying?
(a) That Nate had better not drink.
(b) That Americans should all burn in fire.
(c) That most lawyers would be best use for alligator bait.
(d) That he often has a cold beer at the trading post.

4. What are Troy's other relatives doing?
(a) Thinking about what they will do if they receive no money.
(b) Going to a reunion in Bimini.
(c) Trying to outguess Josh.
(d) Celebrating Christmas.

5. What is Phelan rumored to have?
(a) A plan to double his assets.
(b) A plot to seize a government in South America.
(c) A desire to go into a religious order.
(d) A tumor.

6. Who is Hark Gettys?
(a) Matilda's boyfriend.
(b) Rex's lawyer.
(c) Rachel's husband.
(d) An oilman.

7. What character is present in the opening of this story?
(a) Nate O'Reily.
(b) Troy Pelham.
(c) Josh Stafford.
(d) Rachel Lane.

8. Who is Sergio?
(a) Nate's brother.
(b) Troy's bodyguard.
(c) Nate's counselor.
(d) Troy's brother.

9. Why would the family's lawyers want the family to contest the will when it says anyone who contests it gets nothing?
(a) They would enjoy pitting themselves against the system.
(b) They think the will is unjust.
(c) They are not the best lawyers in the world.
(d) They are greedy for retainer fees.

10. How much alcohol does Nate consume?
(a) A couple glasses of wine.
(b) One and a half bottles of vodka.
(c) None.
(d) Two beers.

11. What does the book say Neva is?
(a) A nobody.
(b) A money-grubbing lawyer.
(c) The missing link to finding Rachel.
(d) A misguided missionary.

12. What do Nate and Jevy discuss?
(a) How to continue their search.
(b) The reason Nate drinks so much.
(c) The amazing variety of flora and fauna.
(d) Why Americans are so rude.

13. What is the conclusion about sending someone to Brazil?
(a) Nate is the best person for the firm.
(b) Josh is the best person for the firm.
(c) They have no choice but to hire another lawyer.
(d) Nate will not represent the firm well.

14. What does Josh provide Nate?
(a) An alias and a passport.
(b) Nate's transportation and trip itinerary.
(c) Money and clothing.
(d) Fifty-thousand dollars retainer fee.

15. With which Indian tribe does a missionary woman work?
(a) Patanele.
(b) Brazzila.
(c) Ipica.
(d) Isscha.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom does Marco introduce the three men?

2. When do they take off on their flight?

3. Who continually calls the Stafford Law Firm?

4. Whose in-laws suddenly become warmer to her when they realize she has a large amount of money coming in?

5. Where do Nate and Jevy stop?

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