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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is an ever-present danger?
(a) Alligator attacks.
(b) Capsizing.
(c) Poisonous snakes dropping into the boat.
(d) The motor quitting.

2. What does the book say Neva is?
(a) The missing link to finding Rachel.
(b) A misguided missionary.
(c) A money-grubbing lawyer.
(d) A nobody.

3. Why is Ramble an exception in the will?
(a) He is still a minor.
(b) His dad actually loves him.
(c) He is incapacitated.
(d) He actually loves his father.

4. Who is Valdir Ruiz?
(a) Rachel's fiance.
(b) A lawyer Josh hires in Corumba.
(c) An old friend of Josh's.
(d) An old friend of Nate's.

5. Where do Nate and Jevy stop?
(a) In a small town where Nate thinks Rachel lives.
(b) At a trading post along the river.
(c) At the local constable's office.
(d) On a small island in the middle of the river.

6. Whose in-laws suddenly become warmer to her when they realize she has a large amount of money coming in?
(a) Rachel.
(b) Lillian.
(c) Janie.
(d) Geena.

7. What is the conclusion about sending someone to Brazil?
(a) They have no choice but to hire another lawyer.
(b) Josh is the best person for the firm.
(c) Nate will not represent the firm well.
(d) Nate is the best person for the firm.

8. Why does Jevy go searching for Nate?
(a) Nate owes him money.
(b) Jevy had been paid well to help Nate navigate the Pantanal and he intended to complete his mission.
(c) He wants to know if they are still leaving.
(d) He is worried about Nate.

9. How does Nate begin his day at Walnut Hill?
(a) With meditation.
(b) With a ten-mile run.
(c) By going to a 12-step meeting.
(d) With a large breakfast.

10. How much does Nate give Marco?
(a) 1000 pesos.
(b) 10,000 dollars.
(c) 50 dollars.
(d) 100 dollars.

11. Where does Nate go from Walnut Hill?
(a) To his apartment.
(b) To Josh's home.
(c) Directly to the airport.
(d) To the firm's office.

12. Of what is the firm leery when Nate is off the wagon?
(a) Nate's maudlin attitude at work.
(b) Bad publicity.
(c) Nate's tirades.
(d) Embezzlement.

13. What character is present in the opening of this story?
(a) Troy Pelham.
(b) Nate O'Reily.
(c) Josh Stafford.
(d) Rachel Lane.

14. How many wives has Troy had?
(a) 1.
(b) 2.
(c) 0.
(d) 3.

15. What is Tira hoping to do?
(a) Kill off the other relatives to get more money.
(b) Take Ramble's money from him.
(c) Seduce Josh to get more money.
(d) Manage Ramble's share of the money.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the surprising clause in Troy's final will?

2. How does Nate feel in South America?

3. What two people does Nate contact on his trip?

4. In accordance with Troy's wishes, what does Josh do?

5. How does Sergio start weaning Nate from Walnut Hill?

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