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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what is the firm leery when Nate is off the wagon?
(a) Bad publicity.
(b) Embezzlement.
(c) Nate's tirades.
(d) Nate's maudlin attitude at work.

2. What creates a media frenzy?
(a) Troy's death.
(b) The selling off of Troy's assets for tax bills.
(c) Troy's amended will.
(d) The search for Rachel.

3. What is the problem about leaving the place of the plane crash by boat?
(a) Jevy is not sure there is enough gasoline for the trip.
(b) Jevy forgot the gas for the boat.
(c) Nate is afraid of the water.
(d) There is no boat.

4. Why is a team of lawyers awaiting Phelan today?
(a) He plans to takeover a rival company.
(b) He wants to dole out his assets to his family before he dies.
(c) He is about to be arrested for tax fraud.
(d) He plans to sign a new will.

5. Where do they make an emergency landing?
(a) On the treetops.
(b) On a farm.
(c) At a dirt airstrip.
(d) In the water.

6. Why does Jevy go searching for Nate?
(a) Jevy had been paid well to help Nate navigate the Pantanal and he intended to complete his mission.
(b) He wants to know if they are still leaving.
(c) Nate owes him money.
(d) He is worried about Nate.

7. With which Indian tribe does a missionary woman work?
(a) Ipica.
(b) Patanele.
(c) Isscha.
(d) Brazzila.

8. Who are Libbigail Phelan Jeter and Mary Ross Phelan?
(a) Two women Hark tries to convince to let him represent them.
(b) Twins who receive a huge part of the Phelan estate.
(c) Twins who only receive one-hundred thousand each.
(d) Josh's sisters.

9. What does Phelan wear?
(a) Expensive suits.
(b) Casual, but refined, sports wear.
(c) Long, white robes.
(d) Not much except when he has to.

10. What do Snead and Josh, as well as Tip Durban, Josh's colleague do?
(a) Resign from Troy's employ.
(b) Prepare immediate and videotaped testimony detailing what they had witnessed.
(c) Cry.
(d) Laugh.

11. What are Phelan's assets approximately worth?
(a) 11 billion.
(b) 11 million.
(c) 2 billion.
(d) 2 million.

12. How much alcohol does Nate consume?
(a) Two beers.
(b) None.
(c) One and a half bottles of vodka.
(d) A couple glasses of wine.

13. Why is Nate pleased with Josh's offer?
(a) It is something to connect him to his former life.
(b) It shows the company hasn't fired him.
(c) It will get him out of the country for the holidays.
(d) He feels good about Josh's respect.

14. Why do they shed tears?
(a) Because they didn't know they had another relative.
(b) For the way Troy kills himself.
(c) For the loss of lots of money.
(d) For Troy's death.

15. What character is present in the opening of this story?
(a) Troy Pelham.
(b) Rachel Lane.
(c) Josh Stafford.
(d) Nate O'Reily.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Ramble an exception in the will?

2. What tributary do they men have to go up?

3. What is difficult about getting to the Pantanal?

4. What is happening back in the States?

5. Who is Valdir Ruiz?

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