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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Judge Wycliff enjoying himself?
(a) Because he is glad the relatives will not get anything.
(b) He is a little jealous of all of Troy's money.
(c) Because he did not like Troy.
(d) Because the courtroom is packed.

2. Who is Valdir Ruiz?
(a) A lawyer Josh hires in Corumba.
(b) An old friend of Nate's.
(c) An old friend of Josh's.
(d) Rachel's fiance.

3. Who is Neva Collier?
(a) A missionary.
(b) A friend of Nate's.
(c) Troy's last mistress.
(d) A friend of Rachel Lane's.

4. With which Indian tribe does a missionary woman work?
(a) Isscha.
(b) Patanele.
(c) Brazzila.
(d) Ipica.

5. What is the surprising clause in Troy's final will?
(a) Each child only gets 10 million dollars.
(b) That it all goes to an organization to free Tibet from Chinese rule.
(c) Each child only gets their age in dollars.
(d) He leaves his entire estate to his illegitimate daughter, Rachel Lane.

6. For what does Josh develop a strategy?
(a) For dividing the estate evenly among the family members.
(b) For keeping the family off balance.
(c) For paying taxes on the estate.
(d) For revealing his deceased client's wishes.

7. How do they complete the rescue?
(a) By jeep.
(b) By boat.
(c) By seaplane.
(d) By helicoptor.

8. Where do they make an emergency landing?
(a) On a farm.
(b) On the treetops.
(c) At a dirt airstrip.
(d) In the water.

9. Who is Sergio?
(a) Nate's counselor.
(b) Nate's brother.
(c) Troy's brother.
(d) Troy's bodyguard.

10. Of what is the firm leery when Nate is off the wagon?
(a) Nate's maudlin attitude at work.
(b) Bad publicity.
(c) Nate's tirades.
(d) Embezzlement.

11. Why is Nate pleased with Josh's offer?
(a) It is something to connect him to his former life.
(b) It will get him out of the country for the holidays.
(c) He feels good about Josh's respect.
(d) It shows the company hasn't fired him.

12. What does Troy sign after he signs his will in front of his relatives?
(a) A holographic will.
(b) A living will.
(c) A paper donating his body to medical science.
(d) A letter to his family telling them how much each meant to him.

13. What does Ramble's lawyer urge Ramble to do?
(a) Contest the will.
(b) Let the lawyer handle the trust.
(c) Let Ramble's mother contest on his behalf.
(d) Be appreciative for what he has.

14. What two people does Nate contact on his trip?
(a) Alice and Josh.
(b) Sergio and Josh.
(c) Alice and Sergio.
(d) Josh and Rachel.

15. Who does Josh consider sending to Brazil?
(a) Tip.
(b) Troy's eldest son.
(c) Josh is thinking of going himself.
(d) Nate O'Riley.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jevy have to rock the boat?

2. What happens to an heir that contests the will?

3. How does Nate feel in South America?

4. What was Nate's problem after being released from the rehab program?

5. What does the book say Neva is?

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