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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 16-18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are Libbigail Phelan Jeter and Mary Ross Phelan?
(a) Two women Hark tries to convince to let him represent them.
(b) Twins who only receive one-hundred thousand each.
(c) Twins who receive a huge part of the Phelan estate.
(d) Josh's sisters.

2. How much alcohol does Nate consume?
(a) Two beers.
(b) One and a half bottles of vodka.
(c) A couple glasses of wine.
(d) None.

3. What is Tira hoping to do?
(a) Take Ramble's money from him.
(b) Seduce Josh to get more money.
(c) Kill off the other relatives to get more money.
(d) Manage Ramble's share of the money.

4. What does Troy sign after he signs his will in front of his relatives?
(a) A letter to his family telling them how much each meant to him.
(b) A paper donating his body to medical science.
(c) A living will.
(d) A holographic will.

5. What does Marco demand?
(a) Payment for his dead cow.
(b) Payment to get them off the island.
(c) Payment for his wrecked boat.
(d) Payment for his wrecked airplane.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to an heir that contests the will?

2. For what does Josh develop a strategy?

3. What is the problem about leaving the place of the plane crash by boat?

4. What character is present in the opening of this story?

5. How much is Rex's lawyer getting to represent him?

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