The Testament Character Descriptions

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Troy - He was a self-made billionaire. He had purchased many companies and made good business decisions.

Nate - He was a forty-eight-year old attorney employed by the Stafford Law Firm.

Rachel - She was the illegitimate daughter of Troy Phelan and Evelyn Cunningham.

Josh - He was the managing partner at the Stafford Law Firm. Troy Phelan had retained him for many years as his personal lawyer.

Hark Gettys - He was the lawyer employed by Rex. Although he was not accustomed to wealthy clients, he was clever and ambitious.

The Ipica Indians - They were just one of three Indian tribes living in South America near the Pantanal region.

The Phelan Heirs - The most significant of them was Rachel Lane. She was gifted the majority of her father's estate, which she then folded into a charitable trust.

South American Friends - The lawyer who...

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