The Testament Character Descriptions

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He was a self-made billionaire. He had purchased many companies and made good business decisions.


He was a forty-eight-year old attorney employed by the Stafford Law Firm.


She was the illegitimate daughter of Troy Phelan and Evelyn Cunningham.


He was the managing partner at the Stafford Law Firm. Troy Phelan had retained him for many years as his personal lawyer.

Hark Gettys

He was the lawyer employed by Rex. Although he was not accustomed to wealthy clients, he was clever and ambitious.

The Ipica Indians

They were just one of three Indian tribes living in South America near the Pantanal region.

The Phelan Heirs

The most significant of them was Rachel Lane. She was gifted the majority of her father's estate, which she then folded into a charitable trust.

South American Friends

The lawyer who acted as a intermediary between Josh and Nate and...

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