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• THE TESTAMENT by John Grisham opens with the inner thoughts of Troy Phelan. He explains that he is an old man and ready to die.

• He detests his family, which consists of his three ex-wives and seven children amongst them. He is worth eleven billion dollars.

• Some think he is crazy because he wears long white robes and has become a bit of a recluse.

• He knows that he is about to die and jokingly refers to his lunch of crackers as his last meal.

• Troy Phelan's lawyer, Josh Stafford meets with Troy to confirm Troy's mental capacities for creating a new will.
• It allows for generous gifts to his family. Most of his family had hired lawyers to make certain Troy was certified sane and able.

• Following a unanimous decision in favor of Troy's mental state, he signed the will and his heirs began to...

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