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Robert McCrum
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Short Answer Questions

1. How many blacks were in the United States when the Civil War began?

2. When did Queen Victoria take the British crown?

3. Slave ships that went to the Caribbean with the first slaves changed the language of the area entirely creating what variant?

4. What is the capital of New Zealand?

5. When did the American Revolutionary War begin?

Short Essay Questions

1. Following the domination of the Irish by England, what splits arose over religion?

2. What has led to the further development of English in the Far East?

3. What do the authors write of the Jamaican dialect in Chapter 9, The New Englishes?

4. How was Cockney stereotypically viewed in London? What governmental changes standardized it?

5. How many Americans are of Irish descent? What association do Westerners have with Ireland's history?

6. What effect did Webster have on differentiating British and American English standardization?

7. What impact did the slave ships in the Caribbean have on the spread of the English language?

8. Where was the slave trade centered in England? How did blacks and whites communicate?

9. What do the authors write of the Canadian accent in Chapter 7, Pioneers! O Pioneers!?

10. What do the authors attribute to Ireland's unique inflections and word stresses in dialect?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the influence of the King James Bible on the English language. What words are examples which arose to common use following the release of the English Bible?

Essay Topic 2

Describe William Shakespeare and his impact on the English language. When did he live? How many plays did he write? How many words did he originate?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the differences between Jamaica and other islands and lands which were conquered or colonized by Great Britain. What were the effects of colonization in the different regions? Why?

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