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Robert McCrum
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What Latin-speaking philosopher and theologian was a major figure in the development of Western Christianity?
(a) St. Augustine.
(b) St. Patrick.
(c) St. Peter.
(d) St. Mark.

2. Which name prefix did the Scots originate?
(a) Mc.
(b) An.
(c) Ross.
(d) Boyd.

3. What language did the Celts speak?
(a) Germanic.
(b) Esotian.
(c) Gaelic.
(d) Entoarian.

4. What NASA space probe was launched during the original writing of The Story of English (Edition One)?
(a) Voyager One.
(b) Voyager Two.
(c) Sputnik.
(d) Voyager Three.

5. Northern Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands produced their own language tree that divided into what and German?
(a) Norse.
(b) Welsh.
(c) English.
(d) Celtic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a simplified language that develops as a means of communication between two or more groups that do not have a language in common?

2. When was the original edition of The Story of English published?

3. When did Robert MacNeil retire, according to his bio in the Introduction?

4. Where was the Archduke Ferdinand assassinated?

5. When did Elizabeth become Queen of England?

Short Essay Questions

1. What impact did the invasion of the Anglo-Saxons have on the Celtic language? Why?

2. What is the difficulty of explaining sounds of language, according to the authors? What resources can help the reader in grasping dialect?

3. When did the Scottish dialect fall into decline? What led to its standardization?

4. What did James I do to reduce the rule of Celtic chiefs in Ulster?

5. What do the authors preface regarding the style of the text in their Introduction?

6. What managed to diminish the number of dialects in Great Britain?

7. What myths do the authors dispel about the English language in Chapter 1, An English-Speaking World?

8. Which group of Scots first spoke English? Where did it arrive from?

9. Who spread the English language to the west initially? Who are their descendants?

10. Samuel Johnson's dictionary had what impact on the Scottish dialect? What were Johnson's experiences in Scotland?

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