The Story of English Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Robert McCrum
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1. The Story of English was created alongside a nine-part television series for what network?


2. Robert McCrum was Editor-in-Chief of what publishing house from 1979-1996?

Faber and Faber.

3. For what newspaper is Robert McCrum listed as Literary Editor in the Introduction?

The Observer.

4. When did Robert MacNeil retire, according to his bio in the Introduction?


5. How many novels has Robert MacNeil written, according to the Introduction?


6. Who is listed as the Executive Producer of the television series The Story of English?

William Cran.

7. Who is quoted from his Preface to A Dictionary of the English Language in the Introduction?

Dr. Samuel Johnson.

8. Who wrote The American Language?

H.L. Mencken.

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