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Robert McCrum
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, A Muse of Fire.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The people of what country have recently developed a fanatical desire to learn English, and English is vital in many developing countries, according to the author?
(a) China.
(b) Israel.
(c) Korea.
(d) Germany.

2. For what newspaper is Robert McCrum listed as Literary Editor in the Introduction?
(a) The New York Times.
(b) The London Times.
(c) The Observer.
(d) The San Francisco Chronicle.

3. English is the official language of how many countries?
(a) 25.
(b) 43.
(c) 34.
(d) 53.

4. RP was spoken by how much of the British population at the origination of BBC?
(a) 10%.
(b) 3%.
(c) 20%.
(d) 1%.

5. How many people spoke English in Shakespeare's time?
(a) 8-10 million.
(b) 10-15 million.
(c) 3-4 million.
(d) 5-7 million.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is considered the highest level of standardization of English, according to the authors in Chapter 1, An English-Speaking World?

2. When did the Romans withdraw from Britain?

3. Tyndale translated the Bible from Greek in what year?

4. What is the name of the dialect generally associated with the British working class?

5. The Story of English was created alongside a nine-part television series for what network?

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