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Robert McCrum
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, A Muse of Fire.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tyndale translated the Bible from Greek in what year?
(a) 1559.
(b) 1603.
(c) 1650.
(d) 1525.

2. What was the first successful English settlement on the mainland of North America?
(a) New York.
(b) Cooperstown.
(c) Washington D.C.
(d) Jamestown.

3. When was William Shakespeare born?
(a) 1572.
(b) 1555.
(c) 1603.
(d) 1564.

4. The Puritans were most highly concentrated where?
(a) East Anglia.
(b) Northumbria.
(c) New Hampshire.
(d) Wessex.

5. The Renaissance added over how many words to the English language?
(a) 30,000.
(b) 5,000.
(c) 10,000.
(d) 20,000.

Short Answer Questions

1. What Latin-speaking philosopher and theologian was a major figure in the development of Western Christianity?

2. What committee was formed to make decisions regarding standard English pronunciation for broadcasting in England?

3. Who remain the most direct descendants of the Celts?

4. When did the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes sail from Denmark and the German Coast into Britain?

5. The English language was formed through how many invasions?

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