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Robert McCrum
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Essay Topic 1

What was notable about the first edition of The Story of English? What was it published alongside? What was the public reaction to the linguists' assertions?

Essay Topic 2

How can we know how the English language sounded hundreds of years ago? What resources do we have today to examine and analyze dialects? What changes have made this possible?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the success of the English language in spreading throughout the world. What examples do the authors give in Chapter 1, An English-Speaking World for the history of success of the English language?

Essay Topic 4

Discuss how dialects reflect human culture and class station, specifically in Great Britain. What do the authors write regarding the fluidity of accents and culture in Chapter 1, An English-Speaking World?

Essay Topic 5

Discuss the English language in comparison with others, such as German, French, or Spanish. What makes English easier or harder...

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