The Story of English Character Descriptions

Robert McCrum
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The English

These people are thought to have originated as descendants of the Anglo-Saxons and related tribes that migrated to Great Britain after the Romans withdrew. They are only one of several populations that make up the United Kingdom.

The Americans

These people are the second major group of importance in The Story of English and populate the United States.

The Angles, Saxons, and Jutes

These are the three Germanic tribes who migrated to the British Isles after the Romans withdrew. They formed the linguistic and ethnic basis of the English people and the English language.

Celts, Romans, Christians, Vikings, Normans

These groups all had important impacts on the English language but were not foundational factors in the formation of English. These people were just responsible in altering and changing it.

The Scots

These were the peoples of Northern Britain with their own distinct variety of English that...

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