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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When was the novel The Bell Jar first published under Sylvia Plath's name?
(a) 1962.
(b) 1970.
(c) 1967.
(d) 1973.

2. What was the address where Sylvia committed suicide?
(a) 75 Kirkland Drive.
(b) 168 Holland Circle.
(c) 439 Meadow Lane.
(d) 23 Fitzroy Road.

3. Olwyn Hughes gave Anne Stevenson whose account that was unflattering to Sylvia to review in Part Two: Chapter I?
(a) Elizabeth Sigmund's.
(b) Dido Merwin's.
(c) Clarissa Roche's.
(d) Ted Hughes'.

4. Who prescribed antidepressants for Plath a few days before her death?
(a) Dr. Holiday.
(b) Dr. Hollingsworth.
(c) Dr. Horder.
(d) Dr. Hefner.

5. A. Alvarez was initially much more impressed with Ted--thinking of Sylvia as __________.
(a) A literary genious.
(b) A trophy wife.
(c) A dowdy little housewife.
(d) The perfect woman.

6. When was A. Alvarez born?
(a) 1920.
(b) 1922.
(c) 1919.
(d) 1929.

7. Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath were separated by the fall of what year?
(a) 1960.
(b) 1964.
(c) 1962.
(d) 1959.

8. With whom was Ted Hughes having an affair at the time of Sylvia Plath's death?
(a) Charles Stevenson.
(b) Assia Wevill.
(c) Janet Malcolm.
(d) Frances McCullough.

9. Who was named the literary agent for the writings of Sylvia Plath after her death?
(a) Janet Malcolm.
(b) Ted Hughes.
(c) Olwyn Hughes .
(d) Dido Milroy.

10. What university had Sylvia Plath attended?
(a) Dartmouth College.
(b) Princeton University.
(c) Smith College.
(d) Columbia University.

11. Where did A. Alvarez publish the first "official" bad review of Bitter Fame?
(a) The New York Review of Books.
(b) The New York Times.
(c) Literature Weekly.
(d) The Chicago Tribune.

12. A. Alvarez's remarks placed Sylvia's suicide in what type of scenario?
(a) "No go."
(b) "As if."
(c) "If only."
(d) "Look at me."

13. Olwyn didn't write her own book because she wasn't a writer and, as Ted told her, no one would have ________.
(a) Believed her account.
(b) Understood her language.
(c) Been willing to publish it.
(d) Bought the book.

14. Where did Olwyn Hughes work until after Sylvia Plath's death?
(a) Paris.
(b) Prague.
(c) London.
(d) Munich.

15. When did Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath marry?
(a) 1960.
(b) 1959.
(c) 1957.
(d) 1956.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Anne Stevenson move after college and marrying?

2. What literary genre emphasizes the intimate, and sometimes unflattering, information about details of the poet's personal life, such as in poems about mental illness, sexuality, and despondence?

3. In what year had a literary critic declared that what stood out about Plath's works was that Plath's "not nice" quality was what set her apart from her contemporaries?

4. When was the second version of The Journals of Sylvia Plath released?

5. In her youth, Sylvia was known for her American neatness and what color hair?

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