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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Hughes claim Sylvia had discarded during the last years of her life in the first publication of The Journals of Sylvia Plath?
(a) Religion.
(b) Prejudices.
(c) Personal relationships.
(d) False selves.

2. How many words did Ted Hughes cut from Linda Wagner-Martin's manuscript?
(a) 15,000.
(b) 3,700.
(c) 1,800.
(d) 11,000.

3. In the first publication of The Journals of Sylvia Plath, Hughes commented how in the last several years of her life, Sylvia had found ______________.
(a) The perfect editor.
(b) Her lost journals.
(c) Happiness.
(d) Her true voice as a poet.

4. What was the name of Sylvia Plath's mother?
(a) Jennifer Wilma Plath.
(b) Emma Rachel Plath.
(c) Aurelia Schobert Plath.
(d) Susan Mary Plath.

5. What reprinting of letters, in which Sylvia wrote to her mother and which displayed her nice daughter side, was published by Plath's mother?
(a) A Daughter Far Away.
(b) Love, Sylvia.
(c) A Loving Correspondence.
(d) Letters Home.

6. At what meeting had Anne Stevenson appeared to speak in Part Two: Chapter I?
(a) The 4H Club.
(b) The University Women's Club.
(c) The Girl Scouts.
(d) A town hall meeting.

7. What poet and playwright had previously lived at the residence where Sylvia Plath committed suicide?
(a) Jack Kerouac.
(b) Leonard Cohen.
(c) W. B. Yeats.
(d) Charles Bukowski.

8. Janet Malcolm wrote to Olwyn Hughes in an effort to get an interview with whom in Part One: Chapter IV?
(a) A. Alvarez.
(b) Assia Wevill.
(c) Anne Stevenson.
(d) Ted Hughes.

9. How many children did Sylvia Plath have?
(a) Two.
(b) Zero.
(c) Three.
(d) One.

10. Olwyn Hughes promised to get Anne Stevenson an agent and publisher who would provide what resource?
(a) Advertising.
(b) A sizeable advance.
(c) An editor.
(d) Printing presses.

11. A. Alvarez was initially much more impressed with Ted--thinking of Sylvia as __________.
(a) The perfect woman.
(b) A literary genious.
(c) A trophy wife.
(d) A dowdy little housewife.

12. In the second version of The Journals of Sylvia Plath, Hughes indicated that he might be able to get his hands on what?
(a) Additional material.
(b) Love letters.
(c) The original manuscript.
(d) A lost journal.

13. When Anne Stevenson wrote her biography of Sylvia Plath, she found that she and Sylvia had gone through the same teen-aged angst and sexual frustrations of the American youth of what era?
(a) 1950s.
(b) 1930's.
(c) 1920's.
(d) 1940's.

14. Who edited The Journals of Sylvia Plath?
(a) Assia Wevill.
(b) Frances McCullough.
(c) Anne Stevenson.
(d) Ted Hughes.

15. What "friend" of Plath finally felt the freedom to express her true feelings for the poet by relating that she was a horrible wife and a martyr?
(a) Frances McCullough.
(b) Anne Stevenson.
(c) Olwyn Hughes .
(d) Dido Milroy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did A. Alvarez publish the first "official" bad review of Bitter Fame?

2. The long and confused letter Janet Malcolm received from Olwyn in response in Part One: Chapter IV only reiterated her disdain for ____________.

3. How many pages did the manuscript which Anne Stevenson wrote for Penguin Books contain?

4. Whose memoir depicting Sylvia Plath did Olwyn Hughes criticize relentlessly?

5. What biography mentioned a cloth beneath Sylvia's head as she inhaled the gas fumes and a testimonial statement by her doctor that she had been in a dire mental condition?

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