The Sandman: A Game of You Character Descriptions

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This character has a face that resembles a chessboard, was not allowed to read comics as a child, receives a Porpentine, and feels sorry for a beggar woman by the subway.


Not afraid to challenge authority, this character studies art history, is considered weird and nerdy, and catches a bird that lands on the bed and burns it.


This character is a cross-dresser and loyal friend who vomits upon seeing a corpse in the bathtub and is killed in the hurricane that destroys the building.


This character dreams of traveling on a train and receiving a prize of a dead baby in a box in the cellar under the train.


This character is the partner of another character and dreams about a dead woman talking. This character does not believe that the partner is pregnant and moves away upstate.

The Cuckoo

This character...

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