Daily Lessons for Teaching The Ressurectionist

E. B. Hudspeth
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Lesson 1


The Resurrectionist is written by E.B. Hudspeth. The aim of this lesson is to discuss the author and his writing.


Class Discussion: When did Hudspeth know he wanted to write? What has he focused upon more in his life than writing? When did he begin writing his novel? How long did it take him to write? What research did he do for the book? What heavily influenced the writing of this book? Is he planning a sequel? In what way is The Resurrectionist a hybrid story? How does Hudspeth create the drawings in the novel? What surprised Hudspeth’s editor about the book and the drawings?

Activity: Divide the students into small groups. Ask each group to list ten questions they would like to ask the author about his writing and his novel.

Assignment: Read biographical information about E.B. Hudspeth. Write the answers...

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