The Ressurectionist Fun Activities

E. B. Hudspeth
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Practicing Medicine – Late 1800s

Research how medicine was practiced in the late 1800s. Write a few paragraphs explaining what you learned.

What if ... ?

Discuss with a group how Spencer Black’s life might have been different if he had not started studying mutations in 1869, but had researched infectious diseases, more efficient surgical practice, or improved anesthesia instead.


Create a booklet of illustrations of plants and animals like Spencer began drawing in Chapter 2.

Sideshow Performer

Write a diary entry that a performer at a carnival sideshow might have written.


Use a Venn diagram to compare carnivals in the 1800s to carnivals today.

Lab Notes

Write notes and draw sketches for a dissection of one of Spencer’s creatures featured in the Codex.

Carnival Poster

Create a poster for one of Spencer’s shows.

Animal Cruelty

Discuss with a group whether Spencer’s work could have been considered...

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