The Ressurectionist Character Descriptions

E. B. Hudspeth
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Dr. Spencer Black

This character was the son of an anatomy professor, and his mother died giving birth to him.

Bernard Black

This character was the oldest son in his family.

Dr. Gregory Black

This character was a respected professor of anatomy in Boston.

Meredith Black

This character died in childbirth.

Joseph Warren Denkel

This character was a Scottish immigrant who was a field surgeon during the Civil War.

Jean DeLain

This character was a renowned botanist and traveler.

Dr. Joab A. Holace

This character was an eminent American physician renowned for his work on embryonic research and conjoined twins.

Elise Chardelle

This character was from Chicago and married a rising young physician.

Alphonse Black

This character was the son of a physician and was committed to an insane asylum for butchering small animals.

Emma Werstone

This character was a widow who married a scientist who lived in...

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