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Lincoln Child
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Short Answer Questions

1. What starts the panic inside the Superstition Exhibition in Chapter 44?

2. What evidence does Pendergast present that the killer is eating the hypothalamus gland of his victims?

3. What happened to the crew of the Strella de Venezuela?

4. What does Smithback see in Rickman's desk drawer that prompts him to sign the provisions?

5. What is the first problem with Coffey's decision to close all but one of the four gates around the Great Rotunda?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Margo and Pendergast lure the creature to them a second time? What is Margo's role in this?

2. What does Margo find in the crates? What does she take?

3. What does Rickman want Smithback to sign in Chapter 35? Why does he agree to sign?

4. What epiphany does Margo have in Chapter 37 that makes her decide to run the indigenous plants from the Whittlesey crates packing material through the extrapolator program?

5. What is Wright's major concern as he waits for rescue in his fourth floor office? What does this say about his character?

6. Why does Dr. Frock want to see the crates from the Whittlesey Expedition again?

7. Who directs D'Agosta's party out of the Hall of the Heavens? Which members of the group refuse to go?

8. What is Dr. Frock's theory on the killer in the museum as he explains it to Pendergast in Chapter 29?

9. How do D'Agosta and Smithback get their group out of the rising flood waters in the subbasement tunnels? What do they find on the otherside?

10. What does Smithback learn about the cargo shipped from the Amazon by Whittlesey before his disappearance in Chapter 27? Why is this significant?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are the Kothaga people? How are they related to the Mbwun figurine? What is Mbwun? Relate and discuss the story of the Mbwun. Why is the woman in the Amazon afraid of the Mbwun? How does Margo make a connection between this woman and the packing materials? What are the packing materials? How did they get into the cargo? Why does Margo test the packing materials? What does she find in them? What is it about these materials that drew the creature to the Whittlesey crate for so long? What would have happened if the crate had not been placed in the secure area?

Essay Topic 2

How does Smithback end up in the subbasement with D'Agosta and the mayor of New York? Why does Coffey attempt to remove D'Agosta from his role as leader of this rogue group? Why is he not successful? Where does D'Agosta intend to take his group? What keeps them from teaming up with Pendergast? What is following them? How do they know which way to go? What hampers their progress? For what reason? What room do they find themselves in after toward the end of their adventure? What is hanging in this room? What do they later learn is significant about this room? How are they rescued? What do they learn of that room after everything is over?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the Callisto Effect. What is the Callisto Effect? Who developed it? What evidence is there to support such a theory? Why do other scientists deny the existence of the Callisto Effect? What evidence is there against the theory? How does the creature who was killing people in the Museum of Natural History appear to prove the Callisto Effect? How does it disprove the theory?

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