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Lincoln Child
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what literary work does Whittlesey compare the place where he expects to find the Kothoga people?
(a) Jules Verne's A Journey to the Center of the Earth.
(b) Sheila Burnford's The Incredible Journey.
(c) Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World.
(d) Michael Crichton's The Lost World.

2. What is a dissertation?
(a) A research project based on scientific theory.
(b) A book length work written by a doctoral student on a specific subject.
(c) A lecture presented by a doctoral student to an undergraduate class.
(d) A book report written by a college student.

3. What is an outgroup in DNA analysis?
(a) A group of unknown DNA to be compared to the sample being analyzed.
(b) The DNA being examined.
(c) The control or known DNA type.
(d) The species with which the DNA is most likely to match.

4. Why did Dr. Cuthbert move the Whittlesey crates into the Secure Area?
(a) To keep someone from curating them.
(b) To keep someone from using them in a different exhibit.
(c) To protect them from someone attempting to steal something out of them.
(d) To keep someone from breaking something inside.

5. What event does Pendergast suggest might have to be postponed during the investigation?
(a) The museum fund raiser.
(b) The museum employee party.
(c) The Superstition Exhibit opening party.
(d) The Superstition Exhibit's design and set up.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who finds being locked in the break room of the museum in Chapter 4 outrageous?

2. In Chapter 15, who claimed to have seen the museum creature one morning as it slunk around a corner in the basement?

3. Why does Margo call Greg Kawakita in Chapter 20?

4. Who is Ven?

5. Why does Ippolito believe the killer would not have gone away from the crime scene toward the corridor leading to the secure area?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Dr. Whittlesey doing as the novel begins? Why is this important?

2. What leads Pendergast to suggest the killer of the security guard in Chapter 14 was intent on getting inside the secure area where extremely important and delicate objects are kept within the museum?

3. What does Margo Green find when she reports for work on Monday morning in Chapter 3?

4. What great find did Whittlesey make shortly after the departure of the other scientists? What does this appear to prove?

5. What is Dr. Frock's main complaint about Dr. Cuthbert's new exhibit at the Museum of Natural History?

6. Why does Smithback suggest the search for a killer in the museum would be nearly impossible?

7. What is the Mbwun figure? What happened when it was added to the Superstition Exhibit?

8. What is Margo Green working on at the Museum of Natural History? Who is her adviser?

9. What is a ballistics analysis and why does Pendergast suggest one be done on the blood at the crime scene in Chapter 14?

10. In what year does Whittlesey's expedition take place? How long is this before the events depicted in the rest of the novel?

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