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Lincoln Child
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Pendergast searching for in the basement level of the museum in Chapter 46?
(a) The killer.
(b) A way out.
(c) Old passageways.
(d) Unique artifacts.

2. What method did Pendergast's wife once use to kill a buffalo charging she and her husband while hunting?
(a) Stop forward locomotion.
(b) Kill shot to the heart.
(c) Kill shot to the head.
(d) Kill line of sight.

3. In Chapter 49, who leaves rather than tell the police what Dr. Frock and Margo said about the killer?
(a) William Smithback.
(b) Gregory Kawakita.
(c) George Moriarty.
(d) Officer Waters.

4. Where is Smithback during the panic that takes place inside the Superstition Exhibition?
(a) In the exhibit.
(b) In Margo's office.
(c) Hiding behind a police officer.
(d) Under the d'oeuvres table.

5. In Chapter 53, who helps D'Agosta lock a door against the creature?
(a) Smithback.
(b) The mayor.
(c) The governor.
(d) Cuthbert.

6. To whom does Pendergast give credit for killing the creature in Chapter 61?
(a) Dr. Frock.
(b) Smithback.
(c) The creature itself.
(d) Margo.

7. Why does George Moriarty remain late in his office in Chapter 33?
(a) He is reading an interesting article on ancient religions.
(b) He is trapped by noises in a closet that he thinks might be the killer.
(c) He is trying to compose a email to Margo to ask her out.
(d) He is working on last minute classifications for the exhibit.

8. How is Ippolito killed in Chapter 48?
(a) He falls down the stairs.
(b) The killer murders him as he attempts to check the safety of the stairwell.
(c) The killer grabs him as he attempts to walk through the Superstition Exhibition.
(d) A panicked party goer knifes him.

9. In Chapter 50, what does Pendergast tell Dr. Frock the killer looks like?
(a) A dinosaur.
(b) A Kothogan tribesman.
(c) Dr. Whittlesey.
(d) The Mbwun figure.

10. Why does Frock think Dr. Wright wants to go on with the Superstition party despite the murders?
(a) To tempt the killer.
(b) Fun.
(c) Reputation.
(d) Money.

11. Why can Coffey's team not stop the descent of the security door in Chapter 46?
(a) The main terminal is down, causing the doors to shut automatically.
(b) The killer has taken over the controls.
(c) The electricity is down causing the doors to shut automatically.
(d) The security guard in charge of the doors has gone rogue.

12. In Chapter 62, whose body's does Pendergast reveal were found in the creature's lair?
(a) Dr. Whittlesey and several homeless people.
(b) Dr. Wright and Mrs. Rickman.
(c) Moriarty and several homeless people.
(d) Moriarty and Cuthbert.

13. What evidence does Pendergast present that the killer is eating the hypothalamus gland of his victims?
(a) Salt and pepper on the other parts of the brain.
(b) The missing gland.
(c) Bite marks and oral blood.
(d) Bite marks and saliva.

14. What is the name of the museum curator who began the curating of the Whittlesey crates in 1988?
(a) Mike Thompson.
(b) Gregory Kawakita.
(c) Hugo Montague.
(d) Edward Maxwell.

15. How does Smithback manage to get into the library archives?
(a) He pretends to be a librarian from the science library.
(b) He gets a pass from Dr. Wright.
(c) He pretends to be a reporter from Times.
(d) He flirts with the young, pretty librarian.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long did it take the Whittlesey crates to get from the Amazon to the Museum?

2. What reasons does Pendergast give that the killer is human?

3. To whom does Coffey speak to in chapter 52 in an effort to force D'Agosta to move everyone back into the Hall of the Heavens?

4. How does Moriarty recover the information on the removal of Whittlesey's journal?

5. What damage does the gun fire in the computer room do that affects the entire museum?

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