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Lincoln Child
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has D'Agosta posted a guard in the computer room in Chapter 42?
(a) There were earlier complaints of strange noises.
(b) There were threats against the computer system earlier.
(c) To keep the killer from hijacking the computer system.
(d) To keep the killer from shutting down power to the museum.

2. What causes panic in the stairwell as D'Agosta attempts to lead a group of survivors into the basement of the museum in Chapter 51?
(a) A guest mistakes another guest for the creature.
(b) Officer Bailey fires his shotgun at the creature.
(c) Smithback tells the story of the museum beast.
(d) D'Agosta fires his pistol at a distraught guest.

3. Who has the honor of cutting the ribbon on the Superstition Exhibition in Chapter 44?
(a) The mayor.
(b) George Moriarty.
(c) The governor.
(d) Dr. Cuthbert.

4. Where does Pendergast shoot the killer in Chapter 46?
(a) The shoulder.
(b) The head.
(c) The belly.
(d) The leg.

5. Why does George Moriarty remain late in his office in Chapter 33?
(a) He is trapped by noises in a closet that he thinks might be the killer.
(b) He is trying to compose a email to Margo to ask her out.
(c) He is working on last minute classifications for the exhibit.
(d) He is reading an interesting article on ancient religions.

6. Why does the guard in the computer room fire his weapon in Chapter 45?
(a) Fear.
(b) The computer tech wants to see how to fire a gun.
(c) He wants to shut down the electricity to stop the panic downstairs.
(d) He sees the creature.

7. What material do Margo and Smithback learn Whittlesey used to pack is crates?
(a) Kothoga healing herbs.
(b) Styrofoam peanuts.
(c) Indigenous plants.
(d) Flowers sold by street vendors.

8. What amusing program does the computer programmer show the police officer guarding the computer room in Chapter 42?
(a) Multiplying bugs that eventually eat one another.
(b) Mummies exploring the words on the screen.
(c) Mummies multiplying and then exploding.
(d) Multiplying bugs that explode.

9. What does Margo find hidden in the lid of one of Whittlesey's crates in Chapter 30?
(a) A letter.
(b) A decorated disc.
(c) A journal.
(d) A shaman's rattle.

10. For what did Pendergast have Dr. Frock search the accession database?
(a) Artifacts the killer might be interested in.
(b) Artifacts they might use against the killer.
(c) More crates related to the Whittlesey expedition.
(d) Artifacts similar to the claw used in the murders.

11. In what city were the Whittlesey crates delayed en route to New York?
(a) New Orleans.
(b) Miami.
(c) Los Angeles.
(d) Brooklyn.

12. Where did the Whittlesey expedition take place?
(a) Upper Xingu River System.
(b) Caqueta region.
(c) Kalahari Desert.
(d) Guaviare plain.

13. What happened to the crew of the Strella de Venezuela?
(a) They mutinied.
(b) They were killed the same way as the victims of the museum murders.
(c) They all died of dysentery.
(d) Nothing.

14. What ability does Pendergast believe the creature has that will prevent them from finding safety from the creature?
(a) It can slip through the secuity gates and ooze through vents.
(b) It can open doors and it knows passages hidden to them.
(c) It can hypnotize people into submission.
(d) It can open doors and slip through the security gates.

15. In Chapter 58, Margo and Pendergast hear survivors in what room?
(a) Director's office.
(b) Security Command.
(c) Central Computer.
(d) Employee break room.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Pendergast searching for in the basement level of the museum in Chapter 46?

2. Why does Frock think Dr. Wright wants to go on with the Superstition party despite the murders?

3. How does Rickman change the way interviews will be conducted by Smithback for his manuscript?

4. What does D'Agosta want to do as the guests arrive that Coffey overrules in Chapter 42?

5. What does Maxwell find on September 15 that Whittlesey remarks about in his journal?

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