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Lincoln Child
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Smithback see in the room he and D'Agosta's group enters in Chapter 60?
(a) The creature.
(b) Bones and dead bodies.
(c) Clothing and jewelry taken from the dead.
(d) Old artifacts.

2. Who has the Whittlesey journal?
(a) Cuthbert.
(b) Wright.
(c) Frock.
(d) Rickman.

3. In Chapter 62, whose body's does Pendergast reveal were found in the creature's lair?
(a) Dr. Wright and Mrs. Rickman.
(b) Dr. Whittlesey and several homeless people.
(c) Moriarty and Cuthbert.
(d) Moriarty and several homeless people.

4. In Chapter 50, what does Pendergast tell Dr. Frock the killer looks like?
(a) The Mbwun figure.
(b) Dr. Whittlesey.
(c) A Kothogan tribesman.
(d) A dinosaur.

5. In Chapter 58, Margo and Pendergast attempt to find a long, straight corridor to confront the creature for what reason?
(a) So they can stop the creature's forward locomotion.
(b) So they can study it before it attacks.
(c) So they might have more time to kill the creature.
(d) So they can see it run.

6. According to Whittlesey's journal, why did Maxwell and the others decide to return to New York?
(a) They miss their families.
(b) They want to take their finds home to study them.
(c) They do not think there is anything else to find.
(d) They are sick and frightened.

7. What does Cuthbert say to the creature in Chapter 56?
(a) 'Go away.'
(b) 'You can't kill me.'
(c) 'I can help you.'
(d) 'Don't hurt me.'

8. To whom does Pendergast give credit for killing the creature in Chapter 61?
(a) Margo.
(b) Smithback.
(c) The creature itself.
(d) Dr. Frock.

9. Why does Frock think Dr. Wright wants to go on with the Superstition party despite the murders?
(a) Money.
(b) To tempt the killer.
(c) Fun.
(d) Reputation.

10. What material do Margo and Smithback learn Whittlesey used to pack is crates?
(a) Indigenous plants.
(b) Flowers sold by street vendors.
(c) Styrofoam peanuts.
(d) Kothoga healing herbs.

11. How does Rickman change the way interviews will be conducted by Smithback for his manuscript?
(a) He must conduct interviews in Rickman's presence.
(b) He must conduct interviews with only approved employees.
(c) He must conduct interviews in the director's presence.
(d) He must conduct interviews on museum property.

12. What does Smithback see in Rickman's desk drawer that prompts him to sign the provisions?
(a) An illegally obtained artifact.
(b) A dismissal contract.
(c) Whittlesey's journal.
(d) A gun.

13. Why does Smithback claim he likes the Museum of Natural History's library carrels in Chapter 27?
(a) He can spread out the many books he uses for research.
(b) They are big and roomy.
(c) He can hide, study stolen documents, or sleep.
(d) They are cozy and promote conversation.

14. What first alerts Pendergast that the killer has come into the corridor with him?
(a) A sound.
(b) A smell.
(c) A shape.
(d) A noise.

15. In Chapter 63, what is Kawakita making a living selling on the streets of New York?
(a) Cocaine.
(b) Marijuana.
(c) The plant, Liliceae mbwunensis.
(d) Meth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the museum curator who began the curating of the Whittlesey crates in 1988?

2. In Chapter 49, who leaves rather than tell the police what Dr. Frock and Margo said about the killer?

3. According to Whittlesey's journal, what was the old native woman upset about?

4. In Chapter 58, Margo and Pendergast hear survivors in what room?

5. Why does George Moriarty remain late in his office in Chapter 33?

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