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Lincoln Child
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does D'Agosta want to do as the guests arrive that Coffey overrules in Chapter 42?
(a) Search for the killer.
(b) Search for poisoned appetizers.
(c) Search for weapons.
(d) Search for dead bodies.

2. How does Moriarty recover the information on the removal of Whittlesey's journal?
(a) By accessing the backup tapes on the computer system.
(b) By calling security.
(c) By accessing the accession database.
(d) By tracing the initials on the original record.

3. What is the first problem with Coffey's decision to close all but one of the four gates around the Great Rotunda?
(a) The security gates will block access to restrooms.
(b) The killer will be trapped in the area with the party goers.
(c) Too many people will overrun the small area too quickly.
(d) Fire codes restrict having only one entrance and exit.

4. In Chapter 50, what does Pendergast tell Dr. Frock the killer looks like?
(a) A Kothogan tribesman.
(b) The Mbwun figure.
(c) Dr. Whittlesey.
(d) A dinosaur.

5. What does D'Agosta tell Coffey is his reason for leaving the Hall of the Heavens in Chapter 49?
(a) The mayor ordered them out.
(b) A monster attacked Ippolito.
(c) Another security gate threatened to block them in the Superstition Exhibition.
(d) A panicked party goer is threatening their lives.

6. What amusing program does the computer programmer show the police officer guarding the computer room in Chapter 42?
(a) Mummies multiplying and then exploding.
(b) Multiplying bugs that explode.
(c) Mummies exploring the words on the screen.
(d) Multiplying bugs that eventually eat one another.

7. In Chapter 62, who does Pendergast suggest was the creature's first victim in the museum?
(a) A security guard.
(b) Moriarty.
(c) The two young boys.
(d) Montague.

8. What happened to the crew of the Strella de Venezuela?
(a) They all died of dysentery.
(b) They mutinied.
(c) Nothing.
(d) They were killed the same way as the victims of the museum murders.

9. In Chapter 60, where does Pendergast first shoot the creature?
(a) The foreleg.
(b) The shoulder.
(c) The head.
(d) The back leg.

10. What reason does Rickman give for changing the way in which Smithback is allowed to gather information for his manuscript?
(a) He is unreliable.
(b) He is interfering in the daily work at the museum.
(c) He is intrusive.
(d) He is unprofessional.

11. What does Rickman tell Smithback about notes taken during interviews in Chapter 35?
(a) Smithback is forbidden to tape record interviews by can take handwritten notes.
(b) Smithback is forbidden to take notes during interviews.
(c) Smithback is encouraged to hire a stenographer to take accurate notes of interviews.
(d) Smithback is instructed to take detailed notes, but to have them approved by Rickman.

12. For what reason does Dr. Wright suggest the killer will not go after he, Cuthbert, and Rickman in his fourth floor office?
(a) It will not kill after so recently having fed.
(b) It will go after easy prey, the injured outside the museum.
(c) It will go after easy prey, the group in the subbasement.
(d) It will not kill while the police are outside.

13. Why does Smithback claim he likes the Museum of Natural History's library carrels in Chapter 27?
(a) He can spread out the many books he uses for research.
(b) They are cozy and promote conversation.
(c) He can hide, study stolen documents, or sleep.
(d) They are big and roomy.

14. What are pheromonals?
(a) Scent people excrete while in a state of excitement.
(b) A fancy word for perfume.
(c) Urine animals lay down to mark their territory.
(d) Hormones that regulate body function.

15. According to Whittlesey's journal, why did Maxwell and the others decide to return to New York?
(a) They want to take their finds home to study them.
(b) They do not think there is anything else to find.
(c) They are sick and frightened.
(d) They miss their families.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Margo and Dr. Frock hide from the creature in Chapter 47?

2. What damage does the gun fire in the computer room do that affects the entire museum?

3. How many security doors closed when the computer system malfunctioned?

4. What material do Margo and Smithback learn Whittlesey used to pack is crates?

5. In Chapter 62, what reason does Dr. Frock give for not being allowed to autopsy the creature?

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