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Lincoln Child
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Secure Area?
(a) An area where money and expensive items from the gift shop are kept.
(b) An area where the museum director keeps his research.
(c) An area where only security guards are allowed to congregate.
(d) A room where extremely important or delicate artifacts are kept.

2. What does G.S.E. stand for?
(a) Gene Sequence Exercise.
(b) Gene Splicer Exercise.
(c) Genetic Science Extrapolator.
(d) Genetic Sequence Extrapolator.

3. Why does Ippolito believe the killer would not have gone away from the crime scene toward the corridor leading to the secure area?
(a) The corridor can only be accessed by a security card.
(b) The corridor only goes into the basement.
(c) The corridor is blocked by flood debris.
(d) The corridor ends in a deadend.

4. Who has control over the content of William Smithback's writing at the Museum of Natural History?
(a) Lavinia Rickman, Public Relations Officer.
(b) Dr. Frock, Museum Curator.
(c) Dr. Wright, Museum Director.
(d) Dr. Cuthbert, Museum Curator.

5. Under what discipline does Gregory Kawakita work in the Anthropology Department?
(a) Ancient tribes of South America.
(b) Evolutionary biology.
(c) Botany.
(d) Evolutionary mutations.

6. How much force does the coroner's office suggest it would require to create the lacerations on the security guard's body in one stroke?
(a) The average strength of a human female.
(b) The average strength of a human male.
(c) Twice what a human male can achieve.
(d) Four times what a human male can achieve.

7. To whom does Whittlesey write a letter before sending his crates away?
(a) Maxwell.
(b) Crocker.
(c) Montague.
(d) Cuthbert.

8. What has caused the cargo for the museum to be delayed?
(a) No one to pay the bill.
(b) Illegal contents.
(c) A customs problem.
(d) Too large to ship.

9. What mistake does security guard Eric Norris make at the crime scene in Chapter 14?
(a) Calls the police belatedly.
(b) Moves the body.
(c) Steps in blood.
(d) Vomits on evidence.

10. What does Mbwun mean?
(a) Shadow man.
(b) He Who Walks on all Fours.
(c) Devil's child.
(d) He Who Runs on Two.

11. In what way does Pendergast suggest Dr. Wright is obstructing the murder investigation?
(a) Not returning phone calls, being late to appointments, and not making staff easily accessible.
(b) Instructing staff to answer questions posed by officers incorrectly.
(c) Refusing to allow police access to all areas of the museum.
(d) Not answering phone calls, not closing the museum down, and cancelling the Superstition party.

12. Who finds being locked in the break room of the museum in Chapter 4 outrageous?
(a) Dr. Kawakita.
(b) Dr. Freed.
(c) Dr. Prine.
(d) Dr. Green.

13. Who is Vincent D'Agosta?
(a) The director of the museum.
(b) The police detective in charge.
(c) An assistant curator.
(d) A writer working on a book about the museum.

14. Why does a security guard open a door to an interior courtyard in Chapter 12?
(a) To smoke a joint.
(b) To check on the security of the courtyard.
(c) To have a snack under the moonlight.
(d) To smoke a cigarette.

15. Why will Ippolito not allow the law enforcement officers into the Secure Area of the museum in Chapter 14?
(a) He forgot the key.
(b) He forgot the passcode.
(c) He wants them to get a warrant.
(d) He is afraid of repercussions.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is an outgroup in DNA analysis?

2. Why do the authors discuss the growing odd behavior of visitors to the museum and the employees of the museum in Chapter 24?

3. Who joins Margo in the herbarium in Chapter 15, helping her distract the curator so that she might collect what she needs?

4. What is Pendergast's theory as to how the killer is murdering his victims?

5. Where is Whittlesey's Expedition taking place?

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