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Lincoln Child
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Essay Topic 1

Who is Margo Green? Why does the author focus on this character at the beginning of the novel? What does Margo do at the museum? What is her dissertation on? How does this dissertation relate to the events that take place in the novel? How does Margo stumble upon the truth about the killer in the museum? Does Margo know the entire truth about the killer when the climax of the novel takes place? What is still left for Margo to learn? What difference could have been made had Margo learned this last bit of information about the killer?

Essay Topic 2

Who is William Smithback? What is his role in this novel? What does Smithback do for a living? Why is he at the Museum of Natural History? Why does Rickman edit his manuscript so heavily? Is this fair? Why does Smithback become involved in the...

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