The Relic Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lincoln Child
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Introduction: Chapters 1-2

• Whittlesey and his group are on expedition in the Amazon.

• Something has happened to separate Whittlesey from the rest of the group.

• Whittlesey quickly packs up a crate of artifacts and has it prepared for shipment back to the Museum of Natural History even as he prepares to continue his expedition.
• Whittlesey finds the body of one of his colleagues.

• Whittlesey thinks he is no longer alone.
• The crate has arrived at the docks and has sat for several months.

• A thief comes across the crate.

• Something comes out from behind the crate and kills the thief.

Part 1, Museum of Unnatural Mystery: Chapters 3-9

• Two boys wander into a restricted part of the museum.

• Margo Green arrives at work to discover the police have locked the museum down during a murder investigation.

• Margo learns from William Smithback, a writer, that two boys were found brutally...

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