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Chef Boyardee and Chocolate Milk

These are the only foods that Seth will eat.

Johnny Marinville's Guitar

Music is heard from this instrument at the beginning of the novel.

Audrey Wyler's Journal

This object records the development of Tak.


This object is Ralphie Carver's little red wagon.

Unexploded Bullet

This object is found in the Carver house. It has no manufacturer's markings or the telltale mark of the firing pin from the weapon that fired it into the house.

Changing Scenery

This happens on Poplar Street as the afternoon progresses.

Action Figures

These objects are found in the upstairs hall of the Carver house.

MotoKops Power Wagons

These objects are van-like vehicles used by the characters on the Saturday morning cartoon MotoKops 2200.

Hummel Figurines

These objects are collected by Mrs. Carver with the idea that she might someday design some of her own figurines.


This is...

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