Objects & Places from The Princes in the Tower

Alison Weir (historian)
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The Garden/Bloody Tower/Tower of London

This is the large tower in London where the Princes were imprisoned and killed.

The Plantagenet House

This is the House that ruled England for 331 years, ending with Richard III.

The Wars of the Roses

This is the name of the series of battles between the royal houses of York and Lancaster who fought for decades over who had rightful claim to the English throne.


This is the country setting for The Princes in the Tower.


This is the capital city of England where the royal family lived.


This is the city of origin for the Yorkist faction that was so heavily involved in the story.

Westminster Abbey

This is the Abbey in London where Elizabeth Wydville and her family sought sanctuary.

Acts of Parliament

This government establishment is regularly used throughout the story as a means of...

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