The Princes in the Tower Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Alison Weir (historian)
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Chapters 1-2, Richard III and the Chroniclers, The Sanctuary Child

• People who write about the Princes either believe Richard III killed them and have no solid proof, or think Richard III should be canonized.

• Contemporary sources are the key to good evidence about the mystery.

• Sir Thomas More's accounts are the favorite of Alison Weir.
• After Edward III died, the realm was in turmoil.

• The Wars of the Roses ensued.

• Eventually Edward IV came to power and was a strong ruler.
• Edward IV loved excesses in life including food, drink, and women.

• His marriage to Elizabeth Wydville was scandalous because she was considered a commoner.

• Edward was probably in lust with his wife, not in love.

• Warwick and Clarence rose up against Edward, though he eventually won the battle and had a son declared Prince of Wales.

Chapters 3-4, Richard of Gloucester, Clarence and the Wydvilles

• Edward IV...

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