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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Arthur Koenig?
(a) A doctor who sees Angier.
(b) A criminal who works with Angier.
(c) Another rivaling magician.
(d) A reporter who meets with Angier.

2. How does Cutter feel about Olivia?
(a) He adors her and develops more magic tricks to include her.
(b) He dislikes her and quits working for Angier.
(c) He does not completely trust her, but he continues to work with her.
(d) He feels she is a nucance, but puts up with her for Angier's sake.

3. Who is Gerald Root?
(a) An audience volunteer who blurts out the secret to the magic trick.
(b) An actor Bordon hires as a double.
(c) An actor Angier hires as his double.
(d) A rivaling magician.

4. What appears to happen to the first object tested in Tesla's apparatus?
(a) It floats.
(b) It disappears.
(c) It shakes.
(d) It gets cold.

5. What causes Julia to have a miscarriage?
(a) Borden pushes her down.
(b) She slips in the shower.
(c) She trips on stage.
(d) Nothing, it just happens.

6. What is the Angier family house called?
(a) Caldlow.
(b) Crowley.
(c) Corina.
(d) Credon.

7. When is the partial Angier invisible?
(a) In bright lights.
(b) In the dark.
(c) In dim lighting.
(d) In the direct sunlight.

8. What about the object Angier purchases from Koenig upsets Julia?
(a) The price.
(b) Borden's tone.
(c) The color.
(d) The look in Borden's eyes.

9. Olivia suggests she could apply to be Bordon's ___________ and discover his secret.
(a) Ticket handler.
(b) Stagehand.
(c) Ingeneur.
(d) Assistant.

10. After Julia miscarries, where does she spend most of her time?
(a) On stage with Angier.
(b) In the bar.
(c) At social parties.
(d) In her room, alone.

11. There are three years where Angier records minimal information. Which of the following is NOT something he records?
(a) He becomes the most sought after magician in London.
(b) The names of his magic tricks.
(c) His yearly incomes.
(d) He bought a house.

12. What does Angier say the new process for In A Flash causes for him?
(a) Yellow skin.
(b) Breakout of hives.
(c) Bouts of laughter.
(d) Bouts of depression.

13. What does Angier resolve to do as his final revenge on Borden?
(a) Republish the newspaper article that will give away Borden's secret.
(b) Publish Borden's journal.
(c) Use the secret new illusion to upstage Borden one last time.
(d) Publish the picture of Borden and his twin.

14. After being hired by Bordon, what does Olivia send her maid to do at Angier's?
(a) Forward her belongings to her.
(b) Blackmail Angier.
(c) Keep Angier company.
(d) Deliver love notes to Angier.

15. How does Angier describe his relationship with Olivia at the beginning of Section 10, Part 4?
(a) No longer in love and growing to resent one another.
(b) No longer in love; more like companions clinging to each other.
(c) Very much in love and trying to start a family.
(d) More in love than ever and planning to marry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Angier writes in Section 14, Part 4 that he continues to live in London as a resident who __________________.

2. By Section 10, Part 4 Angier has two life goals. What is his goal for his personal life?

3. Why will Angier's plan for a final revenge on Borden truly bother Borden?

4. Before his tour to America, where is Angier invited to perform for two weeks?

5. Angier decides to never put Julia in danger again after her miscarriage, so what does he do?

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