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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Philip's reaction when he sees Remingus begging for food?
(a) Invites him back to the monastery to live
(b) Tells him that he deserves his fate
(c) Tells him that God is punishing him
(d) Curses Remingus for conspiring against him

2. Why is Alfred marrying Aliena?
(a) He loves her.
(b) To hurt Jack
(c) He wants a family
(d) To hurt Richard

3. Where does Jack first talk to Aliena about literature?
(a) At the market
(b) In the woods
(c) In the cathedral
(d) In her cottage

4. What do the masons decide should happen as a result of the fight between Jack and Alfred?
(a) Either Alfred or Jack must leave.
(b) Alfred must leave.
(c) Alfred and Jack must repair the cathedral wall.
(d) Jack must leave.

5. What news does Francis bring to Philip when he arrives at the priory?
(a) Maud is dead.
(b) Maud's son, Henry, is planning to take back the throne.
(c) King Stephen's son is taking over the throne.
(d) King Stephen is ill and dying.

6. What happens at the church service in Kingsbridge Cathedral on Whitsunsday?
(a) Prior Philip is named Archbishop.
(b) Richard is named as Earl of Shiring.
(c) The bishops are impressed with the gorgeous cathedral.
(d) The stone ceiling collapses on the congregation.

7. What does Waleran convince William to do to hinder Philip's success?
(a) Take over the forests
(b) Burn the cathedral
(c) Take over the quarry
(d) Kidnap one of the monks for ransom

8. What does William vow to do after the death of his mother?
(a) Donate her clothing to the poor
(b) Build a castle in her honor
(c) Light a candle in the cathedral for her soul
(d) Build a church in her honor

9. Who helps Jack escape from his punishment?
(a) Alfred
(b) Aliena
(c) Philip
(d) Ellen

10. What does Philip respond to William's accusations?
(a) William is a thief, rapist, and murderer.
(b) William is a good man but has the wrong information.
(c) William should understand the situation.
(d) William is right about his accusations.

11. Why does Alfred come to see Jack after 10 years of absence?
(a) He comes to get Aliena back.
(b) He asks Jack for a job.
(c) He comes to ask forgiveness.
(d) He comes for revenge.

12. What does Tom give to Jack that no other man could give?
(a) His mason's tools
(b) The cathedral
(c) His wedding ring
(d) A loving brother

13. Why is William so upset that Waleran will not give him absolution for his sins?
(a) He won't be allowed in the church.
(b) He fears the fires of hell.
(c) He won't be allowed the earldom.
(d) He fears his mother's religious wrath.

14. What does Waleran tell William would be an ideal insult to Philip?
(a) If William injures Philip in public
(b) If William takes Jonathan as his own son
(c) If William were confirmed as earl in Kingsbridge Cathedral
(d) If William married Aliena

15. What does Aliena teach Elizabeth when they meet in church?
(a) How to keep William happy
(b) How to dress like a proper lady
(c) How to gain the respect of her servants and soldiers
(d) How to buy the best fabric at the market

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the master builder of William's church find masons to hire?

2. How many people die in the raid on Kingsbridge?

3. What is Philip's only hope that the Kingsbridge Cathedral will be completed?

4. Who does William hire to build a new church in Shiring?

5. What is Aliena surprised to discover about Jack?

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