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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 6: 1170 - 1174.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the historical significance of the ship that flounders off Balfour?
(a) King Stephen's heir perishes.
(b) King Henry's wife dies in the wreck.
(c) Queen Maud's son is aboard.
(d) King Henry's only heir perishes in the wreck.

2. How do the young maidens feel about the prisoner?
(a) They think he is handsome.
(b) They think he is retarded.
(c) They think he is ugly.
(d) They think he is possessed.

3. Who leaps at Waleran's idea that it will please King Henry if Thomas Beckett were assassinated?
(a) William Hamleigh
(b) Richard
(c) Peter of Wareham
(d) Francis

4. What color eyes does the person have that the prisoner stares at in the crowd?
(a) Golden and luminous
(b) Gray and dull
(c) Green as the grass
(d) Blue like the sea

5. What does William vow to do after the death of his mother?
(a) Donate her clothing to the poor
(b) Build a castle in her honor
(c) Build a church in her honor
(d) Light a candle in the cathedral for her soul

Short Answer Questions

1. After the death of Bishop James, who does Remingus see as his rival for the post of Prior of Kingsbridge?

2. What does Waleran promise to do for William for any of the wrongdoings he may commit?

3. Who does Prior Philip and Richard go to see about obtaining a market license?

4. What do the old women in the crowd conclude about the person at whom the prisoner is looking?

5. Who helps Jack escape from his punishment?

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