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Prologue: 1123

• The White Ship sets sail from England in 1120.

• The White Ship sinks off Barfleur, all hands and passengers except one, die.

• King Henry's son is a casualty on the White Ship.

• King Henry is left without an heir.
• Young boys gather in the market to watch a hanging.

• These boys enjoy violence and bloodshed.

• The boys hurt animals for enjoyment.
• Men of the village talk about the hanging.

• The men say that if the neck breaks, then death will be painless.

• If the neck doesn't bread, the convicted man will suffer, choking for a long time.
• Old women sell beer, eggs, milk, butter, and bread before the hanging.

• The villagers look up at the castle where the prisoner is being held.

• The accusers of the prisoner are a knight, a priest, and a monk.
• The condemned man is 20 to 30 years old with red hair and green eyes...

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