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Paula McLain
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did the characters in Ernest's latest novel represent?
(a) Ernest's childhood school chums.
(b) No one because Ernest went to great pains not to represent any of his family or friends.
(c) Ernest's friends in Paris.
(d) Characters from some of his favorite novels.

2. When do Hadley and Bumby sail for the States?
(a) Summer, 1929.
(b) Summer, 1926.
(c) Spring, 1927.
(d) Fall, 1930.

3. What does Hadley tell Ernest when he returns from walking?
(a) He does not want him there.
(b) She wants to know how to owrk things out.
(c) She forgives him if he'll give up Pauline.
(d) She wants him to seek counseling.

4. Whom does Ernest see more of back in Paris?
(a) Pauline.
(b) Duff and her fiance.
(c) Patricia.
(d) Kate.

5. Hadley makes a deal with Ernest that she will give him a divorce if he still wants Pauline after sending her away for ______________.
(a) 100 days.
(b) 1 year.
(c) 1 month.
(d) 6 months.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Ernest suggest Hadley invite on their Christmas vacation?

2. Of what is Zelda jealous?

3. What does the author say remained in Ernest?

4. What does Ernest suggest that he and Hadley should do?

5. What does Ernest think of Zelda?

Short Essay Questions

1. What surprises Hadley about Ernest's new book and what is his explanation about it?

2. What evidence of success did Ernest have?

3. Summarize Ernest's future with women.

4. What did Hadley do with her son before settling into a home in the United States?

5. What does Pauline suggest about The Torrents of Spring and how does Hadley feel about the suggestion?

6. How does Ernest meet F. Scott Fitzgerald and what does Ernest think of Zelda?

7. What does Ernest write Hadley from Madrid, and why does Ernest hate to be alone?

8. Who is Cayetano Ordonez and what does he do that involves Hadley after a bull fight?

9. How did Pauline and Ernest begin an affair and how did Ernest feel about her and Hadley?

10. Why is Zelda jealous and what does she think of Ernest?

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