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Paula McLain
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ernest tell Hadley about Pauline after Pauline returns to the States?
(a) Pauline is pregnant.
(b) Pauline is suicidal.
(c) Pauline was falling apart over being separated from Ernest.
(d) Pauline is quite ill.

2. What does Hadley finally decide?
(a) Her marriage is over for good.
(b) She may try once more if Ernest comes to the United States and asks her.
(c) Bumby would be harmed to be raised with Pauline in the household.
(d) Ernest never loved her.

3. What does Hadley tell Ernest when he returns from walking?
(a) She forgives him if he'll give up Pauline.
(b) He does not want him there.
(c) She wants him to seek counseling.
(d) She wants to know how to owrk things out.

4. When do Hadley and Bumby sail for the States?
(a) Summer, 1926.
(b) Spring, 1927.
(c) Fall, 1930.
(d) Summer, 1929.

5. What are two adjectives describing Pauline?
(a) Kind and generous.
(b) Candid and sensible.
(c) Moody and generous.
(d) A spendthrift and temperamental.

6. What do Ernest and Hadley do when the lease on the villa ends?
(a) Make plans to move back to the States.
(b) Renew the lease on the villa.
(c) Rent two rooms in a hotel.
(d) Return to Paris.

7. Where do Hadley and Pauline often bicycle?
(a) On a seaside road.
(b) They do not bicycle because Pauline hates biking.
(c) At local vineyards.
(d) Around a friend's country estate.

8. Who called Hadley to tell her of Ernest's death?
(a) Bumby.
(b) Mary.
(c) Ernest's sister.
(d) Chuck.

9. What is Ernest's reaction to Hadley's confronting him?
(a) He lies.
(b) He tells her everything.
(c) He refuses to answer her.
(d) He slaps her.

10. Where does Ernest go when they return to Paris?
(a) A separate motel from Hadley.
(b) Gertrude Stein's home.
(c) Gerald's studio.
(d) F. Scott Fitzgerald's home.

11. What does Ernest tell Hadley when he is writing her memoirs?
(a) He and she loved each other too much.
(b) She loved him selfishly.
(c) She should have given him another chance.
(d) She was the only woman he would consider remarrying.

12. What does Hadley and Bumby do when they arrive in New York?
(a) They look for an apartment in the city.
(b) They immediately take a train for St. Louis.
(c) Hadley takes Bumby to visit her sister.
(d) They embark upon a coast to coast tour of the States.

13. What does Pauline do one day when Hadley and Ernest were napping?
(a) Goes through their personal writings.
(b) Comes in and wakes them to confront them.
(c) Joins them in the bed.
(d) Takes Bumby for a walk.

14. What is the setting of Ernest's new book?
(a) Paris.
(b) Detchum.
(c) Lisesse.
(d) Pamplona.

15. What does Ernest think of Zelda?
(a) She is more interesting than her husband.
(b) He has no particular thoughts about her.
(c) She is insane.
(d) She is delightful.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ernest compare Pauline to Kitty?

2. What does Ernest suggest that he and Hadley should do?

3. Who becomes the Hemingway's son's godmother?

4. What does Hadley hear about Ernest and Pauline as she is traveling?

5. Where does Pauline suggest the Hemingways move with her?

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