Objects & Places from The Paris Wife: A Novel

Paula McLain
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Chicago, IL - Hadley Richardson met Ernest Hemingway here.

St. Louis, MO - Hadley Richardson was born and raised here.

Milan, Italy - Ernest was in the hospital here after being wounded in the war.

Paris, France - During most of the five years that Ernest and Hadley were married, they lived here.

Toronto, Canada - Right before Bumby was born, the couple moved here.

Pamplona, Spain - Ernest and Hadley and a group of friends would travel here every year for fiesta to attend the bullfights.

Austrian Alps - Ernest and Hadley would spend part of their winters here.

New York City - Ernest traveled here and closed a package deal for a satire and a novel.

Turkey - As a young reporter with the Toronto Star, Ernest was sent here to cover the Greco-Turkish War.

Lusanne, Switzerland - Ernest covered a peace conference here.

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