Objects & Places from The Paris Wife: A Novel

Paula McLain
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Chicago, IL

Hadley Richardson met Ernest Hemingway here.

St. Louis, MO

Hadley Richardson was born and raised here.

Milan, Italy

Ernest was in the hospital here after being wounded in the war.

Paris, France

During most of the five years that Ernest and Hadley were married, they lived here.

Toronto, Canada

Right before Bumby was born, the couple moved here.

Pamplona, Spain

Ernest and Hadley and a group of friends would travel here every year for fiesta to attend the bullfights.

Austrian Alps

Ernest and Hadley would spend part of their winters here.

New York City

Ernest traveled here and closed a package deal for a satire and a novel.


As a young reporter with the Toronto Star, Ernest was sent here to cover the Greco-Turkish War.

Lusanne, Switzerland

Ernest covered a peace conference here.

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