The Paris Wife: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Paula McLain
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Chapters 1 through 4

• Hadley Richardson met Ernest Hemingway at a party in October of 1920. The party was at Kate and Kenley Smith's house, a brother and sister with whom Hadley was friends.

• Hemingway was handsome and charming, and people seem to gather round him. Hadley danced a few times with him.

• Hadley's mother had recently passed away from a terrible illness, and Hadley is in mourning. She was at the party to try and get away from the grief.

• Hadley tries to find Ernest, hoping to dance with him again, but he is gone. When she asks Kate about Ernest, Kate seems annoyed and does not want to discuss him.

• She thinks maybe Kate has been involved with Ernest at some point. Hadley asks more about Hemingway and finds out he is only 21, while she is 28.
• Hadley is staying at Kate's apartment for awhile and is shocked when she...

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