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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Kitty tell Mother Superior about her unhappiness and its cause?
(a) The language barrier prohibits Kitty from telling Mother Superior her feelings and circumstances.
(b) Walter has forbidden her from telling Mother Superior.
(c) She doesn't regret her actions.
(d) She doesn't want Mother Superior to think ill of her.

2. How does Waddington regard the Catholic nuns of the convent?
(a) He thinks their devotion is a certain kind of madness.
(b) He thinks their devotion to humanity is misplaced.
(c) He is awed by their selfless sacrifice.
(d) He doesn't find them very devoted.

3. What do the nuns give Chinese parents in exchange for babies they would have otherwise abandoned?
(a) A Bible.
(b) A small amount of cash.
(c) Medicine to ward against cholera.
(d) A supply of fruit and vegetables.

4. What gift does the Manchu mistress give to Kitty?
(a) A jade bracelet.
(b) A small painting.
(c) Bedroom slippers.
(d) A supply of opium.

5. Why does Mother Superior hesitate to allow Kitty to work in the convent?
(a) She does not think Chinese officials will allow it.
(b) She's afraid Waddington would disapprove.
(c) She's afraid Kitty is too weak and pale to work.
(d) Kitty is a Protestant, not Catholic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of work does Kitty first offer to do at the convent?

2. When Kitty asks Walter if he wanted her to die from cholera in Chapter 57, what is his response?

3. What startles the servants accompanying Kitty on the road to Mei-tan-fu?

4. What reason does Walter give for despising himself in Chapter 47?

5. During Kitty and Walter's journey, how does Walter spend each evening?

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