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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What habit of the Fanes does Waddington find surprising and dangerous?
(a) They eat fresh salad.
(b) The rarely bathe or wash.
(c) They house several sick invalids.
(d) They eat raw meat.

2. What great noise brings Mother Superior to the room when Kitty is watching the children in Chapter 52?
(a) The children are singing a song Kitty is teaching them.
(b) A child is howling in pain.
(c) Kitty is playing a boisterous game with them.
(d) The children break a piece of furniture.

3. As more time passes with Kitty working at the convent, how does she reflect on Charlie's appearance?
(a) She thinks he is handsome, but she is not attracted to him.
(b) She still finds herself attracted to him.
(c) She cannot remember what he looks like.
(d) She finds him unattractive and even repulsive.

4. How do the nuns regard Kitty's pregnancy?
(a) They are indifferent to her pregnancy.
(b) They are curious and excited.
(c) They find her pregnancy an inconvenience.
(d) They feel her pregnancy is a sin.

5. During Kitty and Walter's discussion in Chapter 47, what does Kitty suppose Walter to be suffering from?
(a) A headache.
(b) Incredible guilt.
(c) A broken heart.
(d) The beginning signs of cholera.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Kitty attend the daily services in the chapel with the other nuns and children?

2. Why doesn't Kitty converse with Sister St. Joseph on her first visit to the convent?

3. Who comes to tell Kitty that Walter has fallen ill?

4. What two skills does Kitty possess that are valuable in helping at the convent?

5. What crime is Colonel Yu trying desperately to prevent in Mei-tan-fu?

Short Essay Questions

1. What one thing does Kitty desire to do for Walter?

2. What does Sister St. Joseph think about Waddington?

3. How does Kitty describe the city of Mei-tan-fu as she is carried to Walter's deathbed?

4. How does Waddington describe Walter?

5. Does Sister St. Joseph want to return to France? Why or why not?

6. How does Waddington describe his religious views to Kitty?

7. How does Waddington describe Charlie Townsend?

8. How does Kitty regard her indiscretion with Townsend?

9. Why doesn't Kitty lie to Walter when he asks her if he is the father of the baby?

10. How does Kitty describe the chapel at the convent?

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