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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What determines Kitty's social position in Hong Kong?
(a) The connections of her family.
(b) The size of her home.
(c) Her husband's occupation.
(d) The type of attire she wears.

2. In Chapter 27, when Kitty returns home what does Kitty tell Walter?
(a) She begs for forgiveness and tells him she loves him.
(b) She does not speak to him and avoids him completely.
(c) That she is going to accompany him to Mei-tan-fu.
(d) That she is going to file for divorce.

3. In Chapter 5, upon returning to the sitting room, what does Kitty see?
(a) Charlie's misplaced hat.
(b) Charlie's empty brandy glass.
(c) A note from Walter with a book.
(d) Her lost cat.

4. Why doesn't Walter like to answer questions about himself?
(a) It bores him to talk about himself.
(b) He likes to be in control of the direction of the conversation.
(c) He cannot remember the things she asks him about.
(d) He doesn't want Kitty to know about his past.

5. After Kitty and Charlie are done discussing Walter, what does Charlie do?
(a) He goes for his regular tiffin.
(b) He rushes out to a business appointment.
(c) He goes down and pays the curio shop owner.
(d) He locks the door and stays with Kitty.

Short Answer Questions

1. What instrument does Charlie play?

2. In Hong Kong, why is Kitty vague about Walter's job to others?

3. What is Kitty's first impression of Walter?

4. After Kitty and Charlie consummate their affair, how does she feel?

5. After being married for some time, how does Kitty feel towards Walter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Walter find humorous about Kitty's plan to marry Charlie upon her divorce from himself?

2. Describe Walter's behavior towards others at the dinner party in Chapter 21.

3. When Kitty tells Charlie about Walter's ultimatum, what is his response?

4. What two physical attributes are described of Doris in Chapter 8?

5. What is the view from Kitty's home in Happy Valley?

6. How many reasons does Charlie give for a potentially calm reaction from Walter upon finding out about their rendezvous?

7. What was different about Maugham's writing process on The Painted Veil compared to his other works?

8. After noting Charlie's response to Walter's ultimatum, what does she come to see was Walter's motivation in making it?

9. What reasons does Charlie give for wanting to remain married to Dorothy?

10. For what reasons does Kitty believe that Charlie remains with his wife?

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